What Does It Mean To Be Assertive?

The word, “assertive” is defined in many different ways: “bold,” “definite,” “insistent,” “positive,” “certain,” and “confident.” Being assertive means you have the skills to ask for or clearly state what you want or need. Take a look at the following scenario, question and responses.

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Think Positive – Famous Quotes and Thoughts

The decision you make on how you face life each day largely determines how you feel about your day. If you have a positive approach to life and to yourself, even your toughest days will feel tolerable. Thinking positively is the key to living a satisfying, fulfilled life.

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De-clutter Your Space!

A clutter-free and organized house is an admirable goal, and will help you turn your living space into a more pleasant place to be, which will help raise your spirits and encourage a more positive outlook!

You can successfully manage your belongings and turn your home into the sanctuary you seek by implementing these suggestions:

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7 Ways to Increase Your Self-Confidence

When you believe in yourself and you’re sure that you’ll succeed at what you put effort into, you have self-confidence. Throughout life, your level of self-confidence might rise or fall when you’re faced with challenging situations, but you have the power to increase your self-confidence.

Although parents can encourage their children to believe in themselves, as adults, we don’t have to wait for anyone else to do it for us – WE hold the keys to strengthening our own confidence.

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10 Tips to Help Simplify Your Life

These days, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by an overly complicated life. If you’re looking for ways to gain control over your life or your current situation, consider simplifying.

Simplifying your life can mean cutting unnecessary to-do list items, eliminating clutter from your home, fine-tuning your priorities, or otherwise gaining perspective on what truly matters to you.

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Dream to Create a Vision; Take Action to Create Reality