Thriving through Self-Acceptance

When you accept yourself – with all of your flaws and unique talents –  the world seems to become a more accommodating place. You’ll find that some of the causes of your stress disappear and you can gain more joy – dare I say thrive? – on a daily basis by learning to accept yourself.

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Overcoming the Fear of Speaking in Public

Public speaking is a requirement and responsibility that comes with most jobs and academic endeavors in today’s fast-paced world. Just having knowledge is not enough – you must also be able to express that knowledge to groups of people.

Whether you’re employed in a position that requires you to speak in public, need to use presentations to network or generate clients for your entrepreneurial pursuits, or you have the responsibility of presenting to a classroom or social group, eliminating your fears of being center stage will help you immensely.

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5 Tips for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

If you have a habit of setting resolutions at the beginning of the year (or any other time) and then abandoning them a few days later, now is your chance to prepare for, and to try something different. Imagine how the course of your life could change for the better if you followed through on your resolutions until you achieved your goals!

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Using Visuals to Boost Goal Achievement

Having visual reminders of your goals, dreams, and aspirations helps keep you focused on what’s important to you, and renew your determination to achieve them.

Throughout life’s daily crises, stresses, and distractions, visual reminders can help you remember the big picture. They can help you overcome challenges and move forward each day toward achieving the life you truly desire.

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Dream to Create a Vision; Take Action to Create Reality