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Dianne M. Daniels

Let me put my Image Consulting and Coaching experience to work for YOU to help you design and manifest your most Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious self - inside and out!

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What Does a DivaStyle Coach Do? 

If you've never worked with an Image Coach or Consultant before, check out this video and see how working with me can help you to make positive changes in every area of your Image.

You'll also see above the video several categories of services and products that are underlined - those links will take you to either a post or a page with more information. Feel free to explore, and let me know via the Contact Me page if you have questions!

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Color & Wardrobe

Color is one of the most important building blocks of our Visual Image - it can be seen from a distance, and establishes an impression before you actually speak to another person.

I use your hair color, eye color and skin tones to help determine the best colors for you - ones that will enhance your natural appeal and help you feel your best, no matter what the situation.

Personality Type & Strengths

Each of us has a unique personality - we are quiet or outgoing, detail-oriented or driven by emotion, and these qualities combine with many others to help form the Image we show the world.

Your personality helps define your image, your sense of self-esteem and self-confidence, and can help you express your most Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious self - your DIVA!

Your Unique Physical Self

Our physical bodies help to form the building blocks of our Visual Image - and it's important to consider the physical factors when designing your most attractive image.

Short or tall, thick or thin, we each have unique bodies and they should be celebrated. Learning to love who and what you see in the mirror every day is essential to discovering your DIVA.

Clients & Results

I love working with my clients to bring out their best!

Client 1

Brenda's Nose to Toes Makeover

Brenda had accomplished a major milestone - she'd lost a significant amount of weight and was preparing for a new position (and a promotion!). We spent a day together polishing and refining her image to fit her new physical self and new position. Part of our day also included shopping for clothes to fit her new figure and position, using colors she felt confident in after her color analysis. Brenda's new mindset shows in her smile!

Client 2

Shopping with Jolana is SO MUCH FUN!

This lovely lady is my client Jolana. She wanted to update her wardrobe and add some versatile and fun pieces for her after-work life, since she wears a "uniform" at work. We completed a color and personality assessment, evaluated her existing wardrobe to combine garments to create more options, and went shopping at a local retail store to find strategic new pieces. I love the smile on her face - I think these two pieces were a definite hit!

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