Short, Medium and Long-Term Goal Setting Strategies

One of the most effective ways to achieve important goals in your life is to break those big, seemingly insurmountable goals up into smaller ones. Long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals are all necessary in a successful goal setting strategy – and can provide you with just the road map you need to be successful.

Using enabling, or supporting goals will ensure that you’re consistently taking those small but necessary steps toward achieving the life you desire.

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Reposting: Do A Good Turn Daily – inspired by DailyOM

I’m a big fan of the DailyOM – a daily inspirational email delivered to my inbox. The messages are always educational as well as uplifting, and I use them to help center my thoughts and energy in a positive manner. Today’s email – which I’m quoting parts of below – gave me a great way to start my week, and I want to share it with you. Each day, each week, each month, each year of your life gives you opportunities to make great starts. Each Monday, for instance, I make a great start by attending meetings of the Sunrise Rotary club here in Norwich, Connecticut where I live.

Meeting with a group of positive, community-minded and yes, inspirational fellow members always helps get my week off to a great start. Find that something – an inspirational message, music, books or meeting with people – to help you kick off your week in a positive way.

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Are You Assertive or Are You Selfish? Subtle, but Important Differences

In the fine art of interacting with others, you get better results when others perceive you as being assertive (positive impression) rather than selfish (negative impression). Either way, you’re letting others know what you want or need, so why is there such a difference, and why is it so important?

Assertiveness is viewed as a positive quality that actually makes others feel good about helping you get what you want. On the other hand, selfishness, a negative quality, pushes others away. It makes them want to avoid helping you get your way, and may even encourage them to take action to keep you from getting your way!

Let’s look at some examples:

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8 Things You Should Give Up to Live a Happier Life

Here’s a list of 8 things which, if you make the decision to give up on them and stop putting your precious time and energy into them, will make your life not just easier, but much, much happier. Isn’t it funny that the things that can cause us a great deal of pain, stress and suffering are the very things we hang onto – seemingly for dear life? Let’s stop doing that – right here, right now! Starting today we (I’m including myself in this, too) will give up on all those seemingly essential things that no longer serve us, and we will be open to, and take steps to make, positive changes. Ready? Let’s go:

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Positive Change is Healthier than Staying Stuck in the Same Routine

Just as I am confident that every day the sun will rise and set in its regular routine, I am confident that each new dawn brings tremendous possibilities for positive change. In nature, no single day is exactly like the day before.

In the same way, when my life seems to slip into an old, familiar routine, I realize the potential is there for me to experience positive change whenever I desire.

It is healthy for my mind and spirit to experience and initiate changes in my every day routines. Change keeps my mind sharp and my spirit engaged and energized. While I may be required to complete the same tasks day after day, I can still remain open to accomplishing them in different ways so I can avoid getting stuck in a rut. Continue reading

Dream to Create a Vision; Take Action to Create Reality