Living an Optimistic Life – You Control Your Attitude!

Sometimes, being and remaining optimistic in the face of everything going on in the world and in our personal lives is challenging. It’s good to question or be skeptical of certain people and situations that appear in our lives, but it can also cause you to miss a lot of the good things in life.

Living an optimistic life as opposed to a pessimistic one can actually reduce your chances of developing diseases and chronic conditions later in life. You’ve probably been around pessimistic people and when you leave their presence, you felt ‘down’ or that the world is less bright because of their pessimistic and negative outlook. Here are some proven ways to turn your life around with positive thoughts:

  1. Don’t assume you’re going to fail. You may have failed at a particular business-related task, a personal project, or a relationship in the past, but the future is a clean slate. Don’t give your negative thoughts the energy needed to become actual events and produce a bad ending.
  2. Positive affirmations help. If you’re a pessimistic person, try repeating short, positive phrases that remind you that you’re changing and taking a more positive direction. Affirmations such as, “I can control my attitude towards the life I live.” can help you turn things around.
  3. Keep busy. An idle mind can fall into old habits or patterns and begin to take negative thoughts too seriously. Engage in positive activities such as taking a class on a subject that interests you, visiting friends or family, reading a good book or exercising.
  4. Reach out to others and share your positive thinking. When you hear another person expressing pessimistic thoughts, share a different perspective with them. It will also help you from turning toward pessimistic thoughts, and may even help them turn their thoughts in a more positive direction.
  5. Think about what you can make happen. Rather than thinking about what might happen to you, think instead of what you can do to make positive things and events happen in your life. It’s being part of the solution rather than the cause, and you’ll feel more empowered and less like a victim.
  6. Smile and be open to happy feelings. Studies actually prove that when you smile, you’ll actually begin to feel happier. For one thing, other people will usually smile back at you. You’ll be seen as a kinder and happier person – and, who knows – you might start to believe it.
  7. Don’t let life pass you by. If you continue with negative thinking, you could wake up one day and realize you’ve lived a miserable life. Every single minute counts and if you spend most of it brooding about what might have been, you’ll have wasted precious time.
  8. Take action on your positive thoughts. Productive action is critically important to living an optimistic life and having an optimistic future. For example, if you want to go back to school, but think you’re not smart enough or that you don’t have time enough – what might have been might never happen. Take action now to live an optimistic and fuller life where you are able to accomplish anything you set your mind to,

SBS: Overcome Negative Thoughts for Better Health

Everyone can fall prey to negative thoughts at times. It’s like watching a movie that begins with clear skies and happiness and seeing it turn into dark clouds and horror. The bad thing about real life? There’s no eerie music to alert us when that turn takes place in our minds from positive to negative. We seem to only be able to tune into our thoughts once in a while to see how we’re doing.

When you catch yourself thinking negatively, there are a few things you can do – actually practice – that can help you overcome the negativity and get yourself into a happier and more productive frame of mind.

  • Adjust the tone of your voice, both inner and outer. When you find that your speaking or thinking tone is harsh and negative, change it to a lighter and more positive tone to help reinforce your desire to reach your health and weight loss goals.
  • Try Meditation. Finding time and space for your to meditate, or just making time to relax and restore your energy levels can do wonders for your outlook. Try to combine some yoga stretches or deep breathing to help you make bigger leaps in that positive direction.
  • Smile. The best way to diffuse the power of a negative situation is to smile – really smile, with your eyes and your entire face. It can lift your mood almost instantaneously and help to relieve stress. After all, it takes fewer facial muscles to smile than to frown.
  • Help someone else. Becoming someone’s benefactor can fill your heart and mind with happiness and gratitude. We’ve all got something we can share with others to help them overcome a challenge.  And, it’s much harder to think and project negative thoughts when you’re happy!
  • Keep a gratitude journal. Those who have overcome great obstacles in their lives say they kept and still do keep a gratitude journal. Writing a few things in it every day that they were grateful for helped them to refocus their thought processes and helped to get them through bad times.
  • Choose positive people to be around. You may have to work with negative people, and you may even have some in your own family, but your friends that you choose can be positive ones who help you put things into perspective when you’re falling victim to negative thinking.

Do whatever works for you to lift your spirits and get you out of negative self-talk and a negative attitude. Some people exercise – that gets the endorphins flowing and keeps you from becoming depressed.

Dancing and singing are also proven mood lifters. You don’t have to be good enough for “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars.” Just dance or sing unfiltered, without judging yourself or your ability, and see how quickly the stress can melt away.

You are in charge of the choices you make in your life and you can either choose to be a negative or a positive person – choose to be positive, and take that positive intention with you throughout your journey to better health and a stronger body.


How to Challenge and Conquer Your Negative Thoughts

Do negative thoughts seem to creep into your mind and ruin your self-esteem or self-confidence  before you even know what’s happening? You may have spent a good part of your life thinking that way without truly realizing the cost. Parents or other influences in your life may have been the role models for your negative thinking patterns, but you can begin today to turn that pattern around.

Negative thoughts are a cycle that absolutely MUST be broken in order for you to begin to replace those thoughts that you clear from your mind with positive ones. Until then, you can learn how to challenge and defeat each negative thought that tries to worm itself into your thinking process and destroy your good mood.

Be sure to ask some specific questions of yourself when negative thoughts try to invade your thinking process. Ask yourself – “Is this thought reasonable, or does it lack the hard facts to support it?”. The situation may not be as bad as you perceive it to be – you may even be thinking, “What if…,” and it that negative thought never becomes a reality.

Many people go through life without realizing that their negative thoughts are sabotaging their lives. If you begin to recognize that and are currently working to reverse those thoughts, you’re way ahead of the ordinary.

Self-talk is said by psychologists to be the best way to either sabotage our lives or lead a life of confidence and positivity. Unfortunately, most of our self-talk is geared toward negativity. Being determined to reverse the pattern and think positively about your life, your present circumstance and the future you are building instead of being stuck in the situations you’re going through can put you way ahead of the game.

Look for the evidence of unnecessary and unsupported negative in the thoughts you’re having. For example, if you’re thinking, “The weather is bad and this plane might crash” during a routine flight, you know intelligently that you have no evidence to support that thought. Most planes take off and land with no incident at all. So, you can decide that your negative thoughts aren’t factual, but instead,  made up of interpretations that have no basis in fact.

You can also challenge your negative thinking by asking yourself what is the worst thing that could happen in a situation and how likely is it to happen. If you were thinking positive thoughts, would the situation still look as serious as it is in your mind right now? Probably not.

Another way to challenge your negative thinking is to direct your thinking toward the goals you want to accomplish. For example, ask yourself if what you’re thinking will help you move forward, toward your goals – or not.

Can you learn from the situation you’re in and change your thinking about it next time? After you consistently challenge and re-direct your negative thinking, you can think positively about any situation you’re in and start easing your way through life.

If you want more reinforcement for your positive thinking, and ways to challenge and re-direct your thinking, check out my “Staying Positive” personal development course by clicking HERE.


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7 Ways to Think Positively and Change Your Life

Positive thinking can add so much to your life – including the fact that now we know positive thinking can add years to your life. When you think positively, you minimize or eliminate stress and give yourself the opportunity to live a healthier life and make better choices. If you’re currently stuck in a negative thinking habit, there are ways you can turn that habit around and get on the path to a positive, life-changing way of thinking.

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