10 Elements of a Successful Outfit

Putting together a successful outfit does not mean you have to purchase everything new – you can put together a maximally versatile and workable wardrobe by incorporating these tips with your current stock of clothing.

  1. It suits your body shape


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    Dianne M. Daniels

    Hi Beth!
    You’re very welcome…I am sometimes guilty of indulging my love of unique patterns and fabrics and doing the very same thing! You’re on the right track, though – when giving a presentation, you definitely want your audience paying attention to your content and your delivery, not the outfit you’re wearing.

  2. 2
    Beth Barany

    Thanks for the list, Dianne. I sometimes forget about #10, and wear busy clothing. It’s fun, but i know it can be distracting, especially when I’m giving a presentation.

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