Top 10 Strategies for Getting What You Desire

Everyone has a list of the things they truly desire in life. Write down what you dream about, strive for, and desire – and include details to help you visualize those things. The more detail you can include to help you focus your energy, the more productive you can be. Check out these top 10 ways to achieve whatever you want in life.

1. Think of yourself first in a love relationship. In a relationship, state clearly what you want and need and go after it. If you’re thinking solely of the other person, it’s likely you’re unhappy.

* Considering your own needs in your relationship isn’t selfish – it’s integral to your quest for whatever you want in life, and by prioritizing your own needs, you reinforce and enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence.

2. Establish a healthy relationship with money. Recognize that your ability to manage your financial existence is a key to getting what you want. You must know how to save, budget, and spend money to achieve your dreams. While I don’t encourage the “worship” of money, it’s a great tool for helping you achieve your desires.

* Create a budget and follow it. You’ll be one step closer to what you wish for.

3. Protect your health. When you consider the people you know who’ve done well in pursuing their dreams, you’ll see that the majority of them take positive steps to take care of their health. It takes energy, vitality, and work to get what you want. Protecting your health is essential – because if you’re running on empty, you have nothing left to chase your dreams, which will inevitably require you to do something more than your regular “routine”.

4. Take time to relax. When you stop and smell the roses, appreciating what you already have while you strive for your desires, you get more in touch with your feelings. You’re giving yourself an opportunity to re-charge your batteries to continue toward your goals. Plus, you can re-group and reinforce your positive visualizations regarding the fantastic life you desire.

5. Plan for how you’ll handle stressful times. In order to live a life filled with enrichment and adventure, be prepared for traversing a bumpy road occasionally. While bumps, challenges and setbacks will occur, if you’ve already planned how you’ll handle them, they won’t affect you so deeply. Knowing you’ve got an alternative plan of action can relieve stress.

* Accept the fact that everyone experiences stress. Find ways of dealing with stress so it doesn’t consume you or thwart progress toward your dreams. Meditation, Yoga, and pursuing your favorite hobbies all reduce stress.

6. Determine how to get paid for doing what you love. Do you enjoy sewing, designing rooms, or being near cars? No matter what activity fuels your bliss, there’s a way to get paid for it. Use your imagination and creativity to figure out how to earn while engaging in those cherished activities. If you love being outdoors, think of jobs where you’ll work in nature.

* When you can connect your financial livelihood to an activity you already enjoy doing, you’ll get what you want in life, because your efforts will fuel your dreams and desires. Most people find it easier to work hard for a personal goal than for the goals of others.

7. Love your job. Make a decision to love your current job. It matters not whether you’re a secretary, maintenance technician, or construction worker. Learn to love the job you have for now, and protect that source of income while you plan ahead to achieve your heartfelt desires. When you show passion for what you do, good things will come to you, you’ll be noticed more, and advancement opportunities will come your way.

8. Speak up for yourself. You’re more likely to be successful in your life goals if you share your thoughts and feelings when necessary. Learn to represent yourself in dynamic, meaningful ways, including standing up for what you believe in, and being ready to ask for help when needed.

9. Have a mentor. Who do you look up to? Whose life looks much like you want yours to be? For example, if you strive to be financially abundant, who do you know who is accomplishing this feat? Seek them out to be your guide – ask questions, research needed information, and then implement.

10. Know when to seek help. Rather than waste time wondering what to do next, seek help from a professional who can assist you. Sometimes, to continue pursuing your passion, you require assistance.

Regardless of the particulars of what you seek, apply these 10 suggestions. You’ll be thrilled to discover you’re advancing toward getting what you want. Now, live your best life ever!