100 Videos in 100 Days: Increasing Credibility through your Image

100 Videos in 100 Days - answering your questions on all things image-related in a series of short videos.

I’m answering YOUR questions on all things image-related in this series of short videos – this one was submitted by Tai Goodwin – Brilliance Catalyst / Speaker and Coach from http://www.taigoodwin.com:

What suggestions do you have for someone who looks younger than they are and want to reflect an image that will make them look credible to older audiences? (I find myself in this situation all the time).

Click the video below to hear my answer, and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!


 Looking for ways to enhance YOUR credibility through your visual image? Start with COLOR – and get the information you need to help find YOUR best colors – a critical element of your Personal Image Development Plan. Starting with color gives you the foundation to move forward into many other areas. Color speaks volumes about us before we ever open our mouths to speak – learn to speak the “language” of color and put it to work for YOU!

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