4 Steps to Tap Into Your Greatness

We all want to be the best that we can be – right? Your “best” is not going to be defined the way that someone else’s level of “best” will be – and that’s to be expected. Not every woman will define DIVA (Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious, Audacious) in the same way either. Your individual motivations and aspirations should be just as unique as you are. One way to tap into your “best” – your Greatness – is to be intentional about it every single day. Take positive and committed action on a daily basis to get you closer to your Greatness. If this is something you’ve not though about before, or didn’t necessarily have a plan to accomplish, please keep reading.

Each day you open your eyes is an opportunity for you to be great! Why not take advantage of that opportunity to be great every day? You’re likely on board with doing that, if only you could figure out how to produce greatness, right?

Follow these steps for making the most of every situation and producing greatness on a daily basis:

1. Focus on what’s important. The easiest way to produce greatness each and every day is to focus on the things that are most important. The more time you spend doing things that are counter-productive, the less time you’ll have to focus on the things that matter.

* Before getting started with a task, ask yourself just how important it is. If you do this task, will it make a difference to you or someone else? Is it a pre-requisite for a task that does make a difference? Will it help you achieve a task that really matters?

* Avoid using the mood you’re in to judge what you think is important. It’s very easy to allow your mood to put you in under-achiever mode.

* Save ten minutes of each day for zoning out and doing absolutely nothing. The rest of the time should be spent on productive activities.

2. Handle the big things first. After identifying what’s important, try to tackle the big projects first. Sure, small things also produce greatness, but if you spend your day focusing on small accomplishments, there will be very little time or space for the big ones that have the greatest impact.

* When you allow yourself to get two or three big projects done throughout the day, you’ll have space in between to squeeze in some smaller ones. Before you know it, your whole day will be filled with greatness!

3. Start over if it’s “just okay.” Avoid accepting mediocrity! Reaffirm your belief that there’s absolutely no space in your life for anything less than the best, and you’ll see how easily you’ll adjust to setting high standards for yourself and reaching them.

* Develop the patience needed to scrap an unsatisfactory project and start from scratch again. It will benefit you in the long run.

* Believe that you’ll feel ten times better when you start over than if you proceed knowing it’s not your best work.

4. Impact the lives of others. A good way to judge whether you’re producing greatness is to look at the impact your actions have on the lives of others. Are your actions significant enough to leave a lasting impression?

* If so, then you’ve probably done a great job at it, and should feel very proud for doing so.

When you allow yourself to embrace the changes that will enable you to produce greatness, you’ll start to realize how difficult it is for you to produce anything else. After a while, it will be virtually impossible to do just-average work.

Follow this process and soon you can look forward to wonderfully satisfying days of nothing but greatness because that will be all you’ll know how to produce! Each day, you’ll know that you’re really making a difference and can rest easy at night, knowing that the next day will be just as great.