9 Ways to Lift a Melancholy Mood

Having a down mood from time to time is entirely normal. After all, you probably won’t feel deliriously happy with life all the time. However, when you have the blues, it can be difficult to shake the off. The good news is you have plenty of choices of things you can do to lift that melancholy mood – here are 9 methods to try…

Use this list to inspire you to discover your own mood-enhancing tips!

  1. Call a friend. Although you might not be in a frame of mind to speak to someone, the fact is that a melancholic mindset offers perfect time to reach out to another person. Get hold of your sister, your best friend, or even your dad to hear about how they’re doing. A simple chat will revive you emotionally. Go ahead and pick up the phone.
  2. Talk about your own feelings. It’s okay to tell someone you’re feeling down or blue. Communicating about what you’re experiencing will help you nail down why you might be feeling the way you feel. Getting it off your chest will help your spirits rise.
  3. Ask yourself, “What makes me feel this way?” Once you determine the trigger for your blue mood, you might be able to do something about it. Approach solutions with an open mind. However, if you can’t figure out the source of your melancholy, that’s okay, too. Don’t get too hung up on something you’re unable to come to a conclusion about – just the act of analyzing it might bring a solution to mind.
  4. Notice what makes you feel better. Maybe when you’re reading a book written by your favorite mystery author, your mood improves. Perhaps just after you arise in the morning you meditate for 10 minutes and when you’re finished, you feel more satisfied and calm. Partake in an activity that you already know, from past experience, is likely to help lift your mood.
  5. Consider taking a walk. When you’re feeling down, going for a walk might be just the ticket to “getting back on your feet.” If you can just get yourself moving (even if you don’t really feel like it), your body can release endorphins, the “feel good” hormones, thus, lifting your mood.
  6. Eat right. Make it a point to have a couple of fruits, 4 or 5 vegetables, and some protein from eggs, cheese, fish, meat, or poultry each day. Having the proper intake of vitamins and minerals can make the difference between a satisfied mood and a ho-hum or negative one.
  7. Write it down. What are you really feeling? Label it – its the beginning of understanding. Why are you feeling this way? Describe it. How long have you felt these funky feelings? Jot it down. What can you do to feel better? Develop a plan and put it on paper.
  8. Give yourself a time limit. With a time limit on how long you’re allowing yourself to be in this mood, you might work harder to figure out the nagging issue and tap into your personal power to feel better.
  9. Call a professional. If you reach your time limit and still find yourself feeling melancholy, consider calling a counselor, social worker, or life coach to help you get unstuck. Perhaps even the use of a telephone hotline or tip line might help take some of the negative emotional pressure off right away.

Even though you can’t always prevent developing a melancholy mood, you can apply some quick strategies to get your emotions moving in a more positive direction. Try these tips to help you discover your power to lift your spirits!