IMG_0013“Dream to Create a Vision; Take Action to Create Reality”

I’m Dianne M. Daniels, and I’m an irrationally passionate coach and consultant  based in Norwich, Connecticut, whose heart’s desire is to help women develop and manifest their most Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious self – their DIVA – walk fully into their potential, and live their life DivaStyle!

Living life DivaStyle is about knowing who you are – as a woman – whether you are a business owner, a corporate professional, a community activist, a stay-at-home parent, or a combination.

My preferred customers are women who have lost (or are working to lose) a significant amount of weight – we’re talking 50 pounds or more.

I want you to discover how better knowledge of yourself empowers you to develop and manifest you DIVA. When we work together, you’ll develop a powerful and positive mindset that encourages you to love who and what you see in the mirror every single day!

I’ll teach you how to discover your true Personality, how to change your mindset from negative to positive, and how to make and implement action plans that will help you define your goals, and then achieve them!

I’ll show you how to create a full working month of flattering and polished outfits from a grouping of 10 garments in three (3) different colors without breaking your budget, and then show you how to add more color to that foundation for even more flexibility!

I’ll teach you how to overcome the “stumbling blocks” in your past (or present) and move forward instead of remaining stuck in a place you’d rather not be.

I can do all of this because I’ve been there…I became an Image Consultant and Coach because I suffered with less-than-optimal self-esteem throughout my teen and early adult years. Like a lot of women, I fell victim to the contradictory and conflicting messages from popular media, magazines and even store displays.

When I shopped for clothing, I didn’t see examples of women that looked like me – and until recently, being a plus-sized woman was a prescription for a frumpy, ordinary wardrobe.

Because of my self-esteem issues and some negative eating habits, I gained weight steadily through my teens and early 20’s – at one time I weighed over 265 lbs, and with my family history of heart disease and diabetes, I was headed for an early death. The worse I thought I looked, the worse I felt and the less I tried to change to a healthier set of habits. I hid behind too-large clothing, stifled my voice, and just “went along to get along”. It took a serious health issue in 2008 to make me realize that I was shortening my life and I needed to make a change.

My personality isn’t frumpy or ordinary – and neither is YOURS! One of the first steps in my transformation was learning about my authentic personality. That was the first key to my giving myself permission to be the Diva that I am – Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious – and then I started learning how to create a visual image that matched my personality and my much smaller body (I lost 85 pounds with help from weight loss surgery).

When I started expressing who I truly was and dressing my “right now” body in a more flattering manner, the compliments I received were like fuel to a rocket! I want to empower as many women as possible with the information they need to do the very same thing.

The more I learned, the more I recognized the mixed messages given to women about their self-esteem, self-confidence and their appearance. We were encouraged to be all things to all people, but what about being who we authentically ARE?

One of my biggest “Ah-ha” moments came while working with a group of military wives like myself. We had scheduled a glamour photo shoot for the wives so that our husbands would get beautiful photos of us while they were on deployment – hopefully helping to make their time away a little less difficult. We scheduled the session and things went very well, until we got the photos back…

Several of the wives looked at the photos of themselves with glamorous hair and makeup, dressed in beautiful fabrics and feather boas, and said “That doesn’t look like me.” I was astonished – they were denying their own beauty! The entire point of the photo shoot was to take them out of their ordinary “look” and make them look their best.

It broke my heart that they couldn’t see themselves that way – even though all we had done was add some makeup and jewelry. I became determined, right then and there, to help women see themselves differently – to see themselves at their most beautiful – every single day.

I have over 7 years of Image Consulting and Coaching experience and have worked with dozens of women via workshops, presentations, individual and group programs. This means I can guide you on all the best techniques for creating and manifesting your own unique version of DivaStyle, as well as making sure you know how to continue boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence, and updating your wardrobe on a regular basis.


“I would definitely recommend Dianne’s Image seminars and the ‘Nose to Toes’ makeovers to other corporations and organizations that want to empower their employees with the information and services they need to project polished, professional and positive first impressions with current and future customers.The makeovers created some really dramatic and beautiful transformations on the employees chosen, and were a source of inspiration for the other attendees.They were the hit of the workshop!”

Joan Lee Director, Human Resources
Chelsea Groton Savings Bank


“Thank you for the seminar—I learned new tips on the effective use of color in designing my image, and will use the information I learned to make better choices when purchasing professional clothing. I especially enjoyed the tips on wardrobe building”

L. Kosta


“I loved the information on Capsule Wardrobing—I can put that to use right away in refining my closet. I didn’t know as much about Focal Points before your presentation, and I would love more information on Color and using it to design my image.”

L. Robbins



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