Achieve Your Goals Despite The Obstacles

You can be absolutely sure that, at various times throughout your life and career, you’ll face a twisting path of “potholes” around which you have to navigate. You’ve likely been through one – or more than one – phase of your life already where you wondered what you had done to upset the “luck gods” and despaired as to whether your luck would ever change for the better. Then, things calmed down, the gloom lifted somewhat, and you discovered the smoother, straighter road toward your dreams and goals.

Regardless of where your journey leads – toward a life goal like better health and fitness, or toward a new career, or to a business of your own –  it’s important to be able to continue making forward, positive progress to meet the goals you’ve established for yourself.

Through the challenging times, staying focused on the positive things that you want in life will keep your spirits high and bring you more joy.

The key, then, to a fulfilled life is to achieve your goals no matter what.

Try these tips to continue working toward your goals even if – and especially if – life’s road gets a little bumpier than usual:

1. Know exactly what you want in life. What do you want your life to be like – the next hour, the next day, the next year? When you’re working from a clear set of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-based), you can then plan your activities over the short term (hours, days) and long term (months, years) to help you achieve your goals.

2. Keep your list of life goals short and focused. Some good examples of life goals are: “Save 25% of my yearly earnings for kids’ education, vacations and retirement,” “Take budget-friendly vacations out of the country every 5 years,” and “Retire when I’m 67.”

3. Infuse aspects of achieving your goals into your daily life. Let’s say one of your goals, a trip out of the country, will be to Australia 3 years from now. Make sure there are a couple of books about Australia laying around the house, on your coffee table and maybe even your nightstand. Listen to music from Australia on your MP3. Watch television shows about Aussie land, and keep the dream in front of you.

* Have reminders and tasks to do that are related to meeting your life goals throughout your home. Make your life goals part of your everyday life so that even when times get bumpy, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on what’s really important to you.

4. Talk positively to yourself. It can be empowering and motivating to use positive self-talk. When you do, you’ll be more likely to keep moving in a productive direction toward your goals. Say something to yourself like, “I’ve hit a rough patch for now, but I’m still going to save for my retirement and my kids’ educations.”

* Other examples of positive self-talk are “I can get through this challenge just like I’ve done before,” “As long as I keep moving forward with my plan, things will be okay,” and “Life has many more wonderful adventures in store for me – and I won’t give up until I see them!”

* Using positive self-talk will keep your spirits up when you feel like you’re floundering in choppy waters.

5. Reflect on your efforts and victories in order to reinforce them. Even though you may be struggling at any particular moment, think about what you accomplished in the past days and weeks that got your closer to achieving your goals. Maybe you made some productive phone calls, explored the internet to gather information and resources, or drew up a new budget to  make sure you’re on target for saving for your life goals.

* The fact is you did something. And recognizing that will reinforce your efforts and your motivation in your quest to achieve your goals. You can excel in times of great challenge.

Keep working toward accomplishing your goals even though life will throw some obstacles at you while you’re on your way. Know what you’re after – in clear detail – and stay focused. Make your life goals a part of your daily life and use positive self-talk. Acknowledge what you’ve done to keep moving forward, and repeat what’s working for you.

Apply these strategies consistently to help you keep working to meet your life goals. If you do, you’ll accomplish whatever you want, no matter what.