Step 1: Discover Your Authentic Personality

So what does your personality type have to do with living a DivaStyle life?

In a word – EVERYTHING!

There are many types of personality assessment systems that offer insight into human behavior and motivation, and this kind of insight can help you make decisions about what’s right for you in many areas of your life – your job, personal relationships, etc.

But have you ever considered that just as your personality type is important in career and business success, it can also be helpful in making choices about your level of confidence and self-esteem?

One of my favorite personality systems and the one I use with clients most often was created by Florence Littauer. Her book, “Personality Plus” introduced her theory of four dominant personality types: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. Each of the personality types have distinctive strengths and challenges, and every person has aspects of multiple types within their personality. We each have one dominant type, and 1 or 2 sub types.

Each personality type handles information slightly differently, has different needs for interaction and solitude, and can help to indicate a person’s potential for success in their activities and endeavors, in addition to being modifying factors in your Visual Image plan.

Let’s look briefly at each personality type and how the personality might affect an individual’s readiness and success level with creating your DivaStyle life.

I’ve prepared a 6-minute video that explains more about personality types – if you’re a more visual learner, you can access that video here.

The Sanguine Personality

People15Sanguine personality types are outgoing, fun-loving and personable. If this fits your personality, you might not be too interested in the clinical details of personality types and assessments, but you’ll enjoy the opportunity to learn more about yourself and others. You’ll thrive on the interaction of a group setting and being part of a social circle as well as working in a solitary manner. Being around other personable and outgoing people (or those working to enhance that aspect of their personality) will increase your comfort level and your success.

If you resonate with this personality type, be sure to locate and take advantage of options that let you interact with others, like a group coaching program. You’ll find that individual counseling or coaching works well for you in the beginning, and you can expand into group coaching as you gain confidence.

Sharing your stories of success and challenge and gaining strength from the experiences of others will help you to achieve your goals. Utilize the creative part of your personality by incorporating vision boards into your personal support system and truly “see” your success even before it arrives.

The Choleric Personality

Business16Choleric personality types are powerful, authoritative, and action-oriented. You are the “take charge” individual who will create action plans to help you move forward – especially once you’ve discovered that this IS your dominant personality type! You may be more likely to challenge the “status quo” and will set timetables for yourself and the goals you want to achieve. Your personality type is self-directed and may find less need for group interactions, but will still need support, especially in the initial stages when you may not be 100% sure of the path you want to follow, or have all the resources you need.

If you resonate with this personality type, be sure to create a defined and structured plan and tap into the strength of working on a team – using online resources, assessments, and examples of what you’d like to achieve, and laying out plans for achievement.

One caution – if your plans need to be adjusted or modified, allow yourself room to do that. Don’t get so locked onto a certain date or a specific result that you beat yourself up for not achieving 100% of your goal. Remember that baby steps forward are still steps forward!

The Melancholy Personality

1 (6)Melancholy personality types are not sad, the term melancholy in this context means that you are more cerebral – a “thinker” – with a strong emphasis on evaluation and assessment. You’ll want to gather as much available information as you can before making a decision to ensure it’s the right one for you.

You might spend time doing your own research on personality- and image-related subjects, including studies, reports and statistics. It’s not a bad idea to perform some of this kind of information-gathering, but don’t get caught in “analysis paralysis”, where you are so focused on getting SO MUCH information that you never make a decision or take action.

If this personality type resonates with you, you are likely to do a lot of research before making a final decision and will be a well-informed participant. You will leave few stones unturned in your quest for information, because information is key to your feeling prepared and comfortable.

During your DivaStyle journey, get enough information to move forward, but don’t take so long that you miss your opportunity to ACT. Get enough good information to move forward and start the journey that will help you improve your health and well-being – both physically and emotionally.

The Phlegmatic Personality

1 (7)Phlegmatic personality types are very laid-back and easygoing. You might need a push or two to get you moving along in your process. It might even be someone in your life that helps push you along toward investigating the DivaStyle process and help you move forward. Generally, you are a peace-seeker and do not like conflict.

You respond best to calm and positive encouragement – sometimes one-on-one – to help you stay focused. Stronger, dominant personalities in a group setting may cause you to simply withdraw or “go along with the crowd.”

If this personality type resonates with you, you might delay making the decision to focus on your Visual Image until a crisis occurs (a threat to your job, business or relationships) or until someone in your life tells you how important an Image update can be.

You are likely to be more comfortable doing things for others than yourself. I encourage you to develop a healthy bit of selfishness and complete the DivaStyle journey for yourself. No matter how much you want to serve others or work for your favorite cause, you can’t do it effectively unless you know your strengths and what you have to offer.

A Personality Example

My personality is a combination of Choleric (powerful leader, authority IMG_0013figure) and Sanguine (outgoing, people-loving). Initially when I found this out, I was in disbelief. I wasn’t used to speaking up, let alone being in charge of anything!

During my personal journey toward discovering DivaStyle for myself,  I discovered that being in charge of my transformation and empowerment was important to me. I formed a bond and a level of trust with my instructor and coach that helped me move forward. I learned to trust myself – including the parts of my personality that I had kept hidden away for so long. I also found great benefit in group sessions where I could bounce ideas and solutions off of others.

Whatever your personality type (or combination) get the information you need to make an informed and intelligent decisions about your journey with a Personality Assessment.


Personality Assessments

The best Personality Assessments combine proven techniques, well-established principles, and are based on your individual needs – remember that investing in YOU will bring you the highest return on investment, and a LOT of personal satisfaction! Here are three reasons why you should invest in the assessment:

  1. We all have “blind spots” where our own personality and characteristics are concerned. We often cannot see into the details of our personalities and why we react the way that we do, and communicate (or fail to communicate) the way that we do. Getting this information will  provide the insight you  need to be aware of your personal “blind spots” and help you modify your behavior to increase your success level in relationships.
  2. Knowing and then leveraging your strengths will help you to accomplish more in your personal and professional life, and get better results from your person-to-person interactions and relationships. You’ll be clearer about your behaviors and how they can work in your favor.
  3. You can’t afford not to have (and utilize) this information. You can improve your results within your business and professional activities, understand how to better lead and set examples for your colleagues, and upgrade your communications skills. In order to bring about a change in your life, you’ve got to change something in your life. Expanding your self-knowledge is the first step toward making positive change a reality.