Take a Stylish Vacation: Use Capsule Wardrobing to Avoid Overpacking

With winter weather firmly in place here on the East Coast (we’re digging out from a HUGE storm in Connecticut), many people are thinking about a vacation to warmer weather. I would LOVE to be on a cruise or in a tropical locale right about now!

I’m always trying to plan for upcoming vacations with an eye toward NOT overpacking – I really don’t need to take the entire contents of my wardrobe with me on vacation, right? With airlines cracking down on oversize and overweight bags, plus the added benefit of avoiding baggage claim at the end of your trip, it makes sense to examine some ways that you can avoid overpacking and still be stylish and comfortable on vacation.

Here are a couple of my favorite tips for using Capsule Wardrobe principles to avoid the ‘heavy suitcase’ syndrome:

1. Choose your BEST colors. We’ve all got colors that we look great in – the ones that bring out the best of our skin tones, hair color and eye color, but there are some that just make you look WOW. THOSE are the colors you should incorporate into your vacation wardrobe – or any travel wardrobe, for that matter.

a. Start with a basic color that’s going to form the foundation of your capsule – for me, that would be either red, black, or white – depending on where I’m going.

b. Choose two other accent colors to round out your choices – one should be a neutral, like white, tan, or even blue. You don’t want to “compete” with your base color, but you also don’t want to “fade” into the background.

c. Choose accessories – jewelry and shoes – that harmonize with all three colors you’ve chosen for your capsule. For me, they’d be black, red and white jewelry, with silver metal accents, since those are my favorite colors. For shoes, handbags, etc, I’d probably choose black or tan leather accessories, since they could be worn with everything I pack.

2. Determine how many outfits you’ll really need. By following my standard Capsule Wardrobe formula, you can create 20 different outfits from 10 pieces of clothing in 3 colors. You likely won’t NEED that many different outfits, unless you’re going on an extended trip. Start with a mini-capsule of 7 pieces and you should be able to create enough options that you won’t feel like you’re wearing the same garments over and over.

2015 Winter Capsule wardrobe - vacationThe 7 pieces you see pictured above could create at least 10 outfits by combining the different tops and bottoms, and all in the same black / white / red palette. Adding jewelry in black and silver, plus two pair of shoes in basic black makes mixing and matching easy.

If you’d like help in putting together a Capsule Wardrobe of your own – for work, vacation, casual wear or evening wear, let’s talk! Complete my info request form here, and let me know where to get in touch with you. I’m happy to help you with choosing colors, garments, and designing that wardrobe you need.

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