Create Your Best Wardrobe: Stop Planning, Start Doing, and Achieve More!

Does your wardrobe serve your personal and professional goals? Do you have ideas for incorporating new colors, new garments, or additional accessories to help you freshen your wardrobe for spring, but you haven’t taken action yet? It’s natural to dream of things that you want to do someday, but currently can’t or haven’t accomplished. However, to realize your dreams, at some point you must stop planning and start taking action.

While planning is an important part of making your goal for an updated, versatile and attractive wardrobe a reality, avoid dedicating more time to the mental preparation than to action. If you spend more of your time planning for your future wardrobe than taking action to create it, then when will you actually start wearing it?

Try these strategies to help jump start your goal of updating your wardrobe:

Actions speak louder than words. You’ve probably heard this statement before, but have you really considered the meaning? Taking action and achieving are more powerful than simply planning for the future. Start taking steps in the right direction – for instance, removing all clothing from your wardrobe that needs repairs – while planning, instead of waiting for every detail of your plan to be complete.

    • Keep in mind that you can accomplish your goals as long as you’re moving in a forward direction. It may take more time than you had anticipated, depending on how many changes you need to make in your wardrobe, but moving forward will get you where you want to be. Taking action, regardless of how small, moves you forward.

Consider the language you use. Which is more effective, “I am going to organize my closet,” or “I am organizing my closet”? How about the difference between “I am planning on buying new accessories,” and “I am buying new accessories”? The differences in these statements may have a profound impact on whether you’re achieving your goals, or just thinking about it.

    • Try this: Rather than saying “I am going to sort my clothes by color” (which is something you could say for weeks, months, or years without moving a single garment!), take action to sort your jackets; then say: “I have sorted my jackets and I am still going!”

Break goals into smaller, easily achieved steps. Rather than creating a lengthy plan that will take several years to fully complete, why not break your goals into smaller pieces that you can achieve one at a time? Setting goals too far into the future can hamper your ability to take small steps in the right direction now.

    • For example, say you’ve found 10 garments in your current wardrobe that need repairs, and you are not able to do them yourself. Try setting a goal to find someone to do the repairs, and get one or two garments repaired per week until you reach your final goal and have all the garments available for wear again. Achieving several smaller, wardrobe-related goals over a period of time will help keep you motivated rather than struggling endlessly for a huge goal that might not be practical or affordable to do all at once.
    • Perhaps you want to achieve something over a period of time, such as replacing all of your suits – or another potentially higher-ticket goal. In this case, you can plan your goals to fit into a weekly, monthly, or quarterly plan. This will help you feel a sense of success with your progress as you work toward the larger goal of completely replacing your old wardrobe with one that works for your personal and professional goals.

Sometimes you may feel challenged to build the momentum you need to achieve your goal of an attractive and organized wardrobe and create the visual first impression that you desire. Raise your standards and expect action from yourself instead of just thoughts and words.

If you’re struggling to move from planning your best wardrobe to actually creating that optimal wardrobe, try breaking the goal into smaller pieces that can be accomplished over a day, a week, a month. You’ll be amazed at how motivational a little success can be!

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