3 Simple Secrets to Boost Your Exercise Motivation

Working to become your most Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious self is much more difficult when you’re not feeling your physical best. Exercise has proven benefits regarding strength, flexibility, balance, and movement – things we all know (or should know) about it.

Finding the motivation to exercise is sometimes challenging. Our hurry-up, rush-rush world can make you feel as if there just isn’t enough time for exercise – and giving in to that tendency can create a self-perpetuating cycle where you don’t feel you have the time, so you don’t exercise, and as the days and weeks go by, it gets harder and harder to find the motivation to start.

It can be tempting to loll around on the couch watching movies and tv instead of climbing onto the treadmill. Try these three simple and easy secrets to get you moving and break you out of that inactivity rut.

Surround Yourself With Green

1. Understand the power of green. A recent university study found that cyclists who watched a nature video through a green filter said it increased their motivation. They even felt like they were expending less effort while working out at the same intensity.

2. Head outdoors. Put natural settings and the color green to work for you. Take a bike ride in the fresh air and enjoy the scenic beauty. Try to prepare and enjoy all seasons – don’t wait for “perfect” weather to get started!

3. Bring in plants. Plants make any space more luxuriant. They’ll also improve the air quality while they sit there looking pretty. Choose plants that have care requirements you can easily fit into your life.

4. Redecorate your current (or potential) exercise space. Create an accent wall in your home gym and paint it aquamarine. Shop around for a chartreuse exercise mat. Prepare a space that will encourage you to visit and get moving while you are there!

5. Dress the part. If you work out regularly, you need to replace your clothes anyway from time to time. Choose your next leotard or sneakers in a shade of green – or perhaps your next pair of socks! If pink is still your favorite color, you can always get a green headband or water bottle.

Have Fun

1. Pair off with an exercise buddy. A workout partner introduces a sense of accountability that makes it tougher to find excuses for skipping the gym. Socializing also adds to the enjoyment, especially if you find someone who makes you laugh and who has similar workout goals.

2. Take a class. Discover the satisfaction of learning a new dance move or improving your tennis swing. Share a sense of camaraderie with your fellow students, and shake up your routine in a good way.

3. Listen to music. Check your community calendars for fitness events featuring popular DJs or live music. Put together your own soundtrack for home work outs. Any kind of music is good if it makes you feel like dancing.

4. Seek out new settings. Get off your treadmill and try a new jogging trail. Anticipate the thrills of scuba diving on your next vacation while you’re doing laps at the public pool. Changing your environment will keep you feeling fresh and may inspire you to workout more consistently.

5. Pay attention to your body. Gradually, you’ll find that physical activity comes with its own rewards. Luxuriate in how peaceful your body feels during a yoga pose. Welcome the way a long run melts away the stress that builds up at the office, and enjoy your progress as you continue to commit to regular activity.

Set Specific Goals

1. Improve your health. Talk with your doctor if you’re working out to alleviate certain medical conditions. Achieving lower blood sugar or cholesterol could be the best inspiration of all, and knowing that you’ll be checking in with your doctor can help improve your level of consistency.

2. Document the change your measurements. Losing weight is a sensible goal for many, but reducing abdominal fat may be an even better indicator of progress. Celebrate every inch you take off your waist. You’ll look better and reduce your risk of heart disease and other serious conditions.

3. Increase your strength. Powerful physiques are good for office workers as well as bodybuilders. Strong muscles and bones protect you from injuries and make daily activities like keeping up with your grandchildren easier. As a bonus, lean muscle tissue burns calories more efficiently than fat.

4. Enhance your performance. Maybe you play competitive sports or just like to beat your own past records. Set targets that will help you monitor your progress. You could run a slightly longer distance each week or gradually increase the amount of weight that you can bench press.

You know exercise is good for you, but you may still need a little help getting to like it. These simple motivations will get you on your feet and have you looking forward to your next workout.