Capsule Wardrobing – Polished, Professional and Easy on the Budget

Capsule Wardrobe - 2014 update coverCapsule Wardrobing  is the principle of mixing and matching a minimal number of garments to create numerous outfits. Great for professionals, those re-entering the career market, recently promoted supervisors, or those looking to advance their careers.

Do you want to dress well but don’t have deep pockets? Capsule Wardrobing can provide a solution to daily dressing challenges. You’ll learn basic wardrobe principles and how to put them to work for you…for instance:

First of all, consider your own figure and your own style – with thoughtful analysis and some professional help, you can determine what areas of your figure you want to emphasize.. Don’t follow fashion trends that don’t suit you –  start by building a Core Capsule Wardrobe and add pieces judiciously to fill it out. Most clothes look great on fashion models, but fewer than 20% of women in the world are built like models. Think back to how many “impulse buys” you’ve made over the years that gathered dust in your closet – let’s avoid that expense starting NOW.

Look at your closet and separate the clothes according to frequency of wear. You may find there are a LOT of garments in the closet that you either rarely wear or never wear. Analyze why you don’t wear those items – is it the fit, the fabric, or that no matter how nice the garment is, it wasn’t made to flatter your figure? Remove the items you don’t wear for further analysis and make a list of things you wear most often. These may be contenders to help you form your Core Capsule Wardrobe.

Those are just TWO of the principles you’ll be exposed to in this course. Capsule Wardrobing involves combining 10 garments in 3 different colors in multiple ways to create up to 20 different outfits. The photo below shows an example of the garments needed to create a Capsule:

10 Garments—3 in a Dark Core / Universal color (jacket, blouse or shell, well-fitting pants); 4 in a Light / Core / Universal color (jacket, well-fitting pants, blouse or shell, skirt); 3 in an Accent Color (jacket, blouse or shell, skirt) for 20 different outfits—enough to create a versatile and polished wardrobe!

The colors shown at left will flatter individuals with Cool (blue-based) coloring – someone with Warm (yellow-based) coloring might choose Chocolate Brown, Ivory and Golden Tan.

Choose colors that work well all by themselves, as well as mixing and matching easily with the other two colors you’ll use to create your Capsule Wardrobe. Be careful not to choose colors that can’t be worn easily together or that create a harsher clash of colors when you’re just starting out – what we are building here is a foundation. There’s plenty of time to add accent and “look at me” colors when your foundation is strong.

Once you’ve purchased the individual garments in your chosen colors, let the mixing and matching begin! The photo below gives you just a taste of the many attractive outfits that can be created from these three classic colors:

Base capsule part 1

You’ll get immediately applicable information that will help you create your own Capsule Wardrobe and save you time, money, stress and effort.

When you complete the course, you’ll be able to save yourself time, money and stress – because your wardrobe will be easy to mix and match and will provide you versatility, good looks, and a number of great combinations that will suit your personal and business wardrobe needs.

You can increase the versatility by adding another accent color, and I’ll show you how inside the course. You’ll be able to repeat the process over and over again, any time you’d like to incorporate a new Core or Universal color, or a new Accent color that’s the current “It” color.

Using these principles will help you keep your wardrobe fresh, current, and attractive – all without tossing everything you currently own or spending more than you want to – and because everyone’s budget is important, you can take advantage of special pricing for this course:

 Your Price Today: $97

And It Comes with This 30-Day
“No Questions Asked” Priority Guarantee!

If you apply everything in the Capsule Wardrobe course and are unable to create your own series of beautiful outfits for work or personal activities, I demand you “fire” me and return all the course materials for a full refund.

In reality, I’m confident you’ll implement the wisdom and guidance within the course, and you’ll send me a testimonial telling me how much you’re enjoying the versatility of your wardrobe, and how getting dressed is now easier and less stressful. I am also confident that you’ll be ready to invest in other courses and products that I offer which will empower you to take your Image to the next level.


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