Thriving through Self-Acceptance

When you accept yourself – with all of your flaws and unique talents –  the world seems to become a more accommodating place. You’ll find that some of the causes of your stress disappear and you can gain more joy – dare I say thrive? – on a daily basis by learning to accept yourself.

8 Things You Should Give Up to Live a Happier Life

Here’s a list of 8 things which, if you make the decision to give up on them and stop putting your precious time and energy into them, will make your life not just easier, but much, much happier. Isn’t it funny that the things that can cause us a great deal of pain, stress and suffering are the very things we hang onto – seemingly for dear life? Let’s stop doing that – right here, right now! Starting today we (I’m including myself in this, too) will give up on all those seemingly essential things that no longer serve us, and we will be open to, and take steps to make, positive changes. Ready? Let’s go:

Affirmation: I am Determined to Build a Fit Mind and a Fit Body

As my mind receives a daily workout from life’s events, I give my body the physical workout it deserves.

I am determined to build a fit mind and a fit body. I realize that I only have one physical body, so I am determined to take care of it the best way I can.  There are no shortcuts or “cheats” to having a healthy mind and body. The only way I will reach my goals and experience success is to do it the right way.

My body and mind work together, so how I think definitely affects how I feel, and vice versa. Therefore, I will exercise my mind and keep my focus on positive thoughts and emotions.