Celebrating Kwanzaa – Day 4 – Economic Power in Local Hands

The fourth principle of Kwanzaa is Ujamaa – Cooperative Economics. This is defined as building and maintaining our own stores, shops and other businesses, and to profit from them together. It could be said this is the focus of many of the “Shop Local” movements that get more public notice around the holidays.

Celebrating Kwanzaa – Day 3 – Ujima: Collective Work and Responsibility

The third day of Kwanzaa is upon us, and it’s time to consider the principle of Ujima – Collective Work and Responsibility. Who was it that said “Many hands make light work”? Whoever it was, I’m sure they had first-hand experience with the wonderful results of collective work and the extraordinary results that can be achieved when everyone in a community or connected to a cause takes responsibility for its success.

When traveling your personal self-development journey, you may feel that “collective work” isn’t a term that really fits – I beg to differ. The principle of Ujima includes building and maintaining our community (or communities) together and making our brother’s or sister’s problems our problems, while working to solve them together.