Step 4: Celebrate and Know Your Body

You can’t effectively dress a body you don’t know and accept.

When you’ve lost a lot of weight, your body changes – often in dramatic and drastic ways that you may not be consciously aware of until you really EXAMINE that new body. Instead of stressing out over the changes and disliking the stranger you now see in the mirror, let’s talk about a comprehensive process that will help you become more comfortable with your new physical self, and figure out the changes in your body can help you to create and manifest your own definition of DivaStyle.

Bring your knowledge of personality, self-esteem and color and add what you’re going to learn about body proportion and silhouette, and you’ll be ready to see your physical self in a whole new, positive and empowering way.

It’s very likely that you’ve seen a diagram similar to the below before – it shows images of different body types. From the left, they are:

  • body frame types - 1024x535The Inverted Triangle
  • The Rectangle
  • The Square
  • The Circle or Oval
  • The Triangle
  • The Hourglass (squarer shoulders)
  • The Rounded Hourglass (rounded shoulders)

Each of the different body types has benefits and challenges – and each body type will be dressed differently, wear color differently, and want to emphasize different aspects of the type. A Rectangle, for instance, may want to focus on dressing to enhance waist definition while balancing shoulders and hips, while a Triangle will want to add width at the shoulder and minimize hip width. The end result? A balanced silhouette that lets YOU be the star without over-emphasizing any aspect of your physical frame that you wish.

For example: I’m an Inverted Triangle – broad shoulders, full-busted, with a relatively narrow hip line and some definition in my midsection. I primarily dress to de-emphasize my shoulder width (avoiding the “linebacker” look) and I wear fuller skirts to help add a little width to my hip line. I have longer legs, so I am careful about my skirt length. I tend to wear medium-to-lighter weight fabrics for jackets and coats so I don’t add additional bulk to my upper body, and conversely, I can wear fabrics with more body below the waist. The goal for me is to balance my shoulder and hip width and emphasize my height so that my visual Image projects long, lean and tall.

Knowing how to determine your body type is only the beginning, though. Fabric weight, pattern placement, fabric types, and much more help inform and adjust your decision making with regard to future wardrobe components. When you know your body type, you can be more effective in celebrating it! Prior to my own significant weight loss, I would have been classified as a Square body type – with a different set of concerns and areas of emphasis than my current Inverted Triangle. A significant change in your body type can cause an equally significant change in your clothing – and because most people can’t afford to throw out an entire wardrobe and start over, part of the information you’ll gain at this stage is how to alter existing clothing to make it work FOR you and your new body frame.

Once you’ve completed this module of the system, you’ll find it much easier to edit your potential purchases – saving yourself time and money! You’ll be able to view clothing on a rack or in a display and know what will work for you and what won’t. You’ll be able to reduce the number of garments you have to take into a fitting room, and know how extensive alterations might be on a garment that looks like a great deal BEFORE purchasing it.

To get started on your own Body Frame analysis and determination, click the button below. I know you’ll love the results you get, and how much easier it will be to dress your new body so you’ll be at your most attractive for all of your activities – business and personal.

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