Celebrity Success Lessons

Celebrities can teach us some important lessons about successful living. There always seems to be a new scandal, more fights, or a social media gossip fest going on. These suggestions on how to enjoy success despite all of that can be adapted to your own circumstances even if you operate on a smaller budget. As an added bonus, you can benefit from these tips and you never have to worry about the paparazzi following you.

Divorce, Addiction, Weight Loss, Twitter Beefs and Free Stuff

  1. You can recover from divorce or a break-up. The harshest downside of being a celebrity may be dealing with very personal – and sometimes hurtful – issues in the public eye. While only 3% of the public has been married more than twice, it seems to be much more common in Hollywood and the entertainment. There is life after divorce – and many of our favorite celebrities have proven it!
  2. Addictions may be a life long struggle. Some celebrities get a lot of attention for their struggles with alcohol and other drugs. It may take more than one attempt to recover from substance abuse – you only lose if you stop trying or let the addiction overwhelm you permanently. If you or a loved one is suffering with addiction, be strong and hold your head high! Get the help needed to make permanent positive changes and keep moving forward.
  3. Lose weight the healthy way. Gossip outlets – both print and online –  seem to track every fluctuation in the body weight of some stars. It’s better to lose weight gradually in a manner that you can sustain than to subject your body to crash diets and rebound weight gain.
  4. Be selective on Twitter. Celebrities endure a lot of negative feedback that can get excessive on Twitter and other places. Twitter “beefs” are often as publicized as any other news story, and the feedback can be very negative and very swift. Evaluate yourself on your own terms so you can distinguish constructive criticism from feedback that has little merit.
  5. Give away free stuff. Celebrities and studios often give things away to get publicity and attract crowds. Even without being famous, you can offer modest gifts and acts of generosity that brighten the day for other people.

Spiritual Lessons 

  1. Find your calling. Identify your purpose in life. You’ll get better results and be able to sustain your efforts in a positive direction when you feel passionate about what you’re doing.
  2. Take responsibility for your life. You command your own destiny. Go after what you want, unapologetically – especially if you’re not actively hurting someone else in the process. Develop a single-minded dedication to your goals and work to achieve them.
  3. Develop your self-esteem. Base your self-esteem on a legitimate and reliable foundation. Become aware of your good qualities and take satisfaction in living up to your values. Don’t allow outside influences to replace a healthy sense of self-love and self-confidence.
  4. Reach out to others. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Pay attention to others and let them know you care. Say “Thank you” whenever possible and watch how good it makes you and others feel.
  5. Experience flow. Athletes and actors talk about flow. Watch for those moments when you feel like you’re fully engaged in what you’re doing – when the work seems effortless and you find great joy in the effort. Try to extend that feeling to more of your life, and take note when it happens.
  6. Be charitable. Many celebrities adopt special charities. You can make a difference by giving time or money to the causes you believe in.
  7. Read more. Many celebrities support literacy efforts. Make time to read each day and encourage your kids (or children you influence) to do the same.
  8. Bring your secrets to light. A lot of famous people write their autobiographies or make public appearances discussing the obstacles they’ve overcome in life. By confronting painful subjects, you can start to recover. A good friend of mine who decided to run for office put her past mistakes out in the open so SHE controlled the narrative – not the gossip mongers.
  9. Help others who are less fortunate. Even if you have less money than a box office star, you probably still have more resources than others. Share your riches – time, knowledge, and experience can sometimes mean more than money.
  10. Make your money work for you. Some people make a lot of money but end up poor in the end. Learn to manage your money so your earnings go further. Work to eliminate unnecessary debt and build up savings and investment funds so you have more options.
  11. Play an active role in your own health care. Some celebrities have taken on the causes of diseases and conditions that have touched them or their families. Talk with your doctor and research your own health needs, then create an action plan and work to increase your health and strength.
  12. Welcome inspiration. Success sometimes seems to arrive in a flash when we’ve really been laying the groundwork for a long time. Welcome those moments of speedy progress and use them to fuel your leaps forward.

Beyond all the gossip, there can sometimes be valuable insights gained by looking at the lives of celebrities. Take some time to reflect on the people you admire and see what you can learn about living life successfully on your own terms.


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    Cynthia W.

    I love the comment about playing an active role in your own healthcare. This is so important since the word medicine will always have the word practice in front of it. No one should know you better than you. Let the doctor aid you but you must know yourself.

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