Special Report: Color and Its Effect on You

     Are you confused or overwhelmed by the color choices in clothing stores?

    Wondering how to build a wardrobe that flatters your natural coloring and helps you avoid unnecessary spending?

Putting a wardrobe together – either starting from scratch or building on an existing foundation – can be wonderfully fun…or immensely frustrating.

The colors you wear send messages – Dark colors are seen as more credible, authoritative, and assertive;  Lighter, softer colors are more approachable, gentler and more feminine;  Muted or grayed colors are more controlled, conservative and imply a more introverted quality; and  Brighter, vivid colors are more youthful, creative and imply increased levels of energy, in addition to standing out in a crowd.

Trying to determine where to start in building a flattering and versatile wardrobe is much harder without an understanding of warm and cool colors: Warm colors are those which have a yellow or golden-toned base;  Cool colors are those with a blue-toned base. Knowing which one looks better on you does not have to be a case of trial and error – there are cues and clues you can use to help determine your best colors and what colors you can use to build a versatile wardrobe that will not break the bank.

When designing a Personal Image Development plan, starting with color gives you the foundation to move forward into many other areas. Color speaks volumes about us before we ever open our mouths to speak – learn to speak the “language” of color and put it to work for YOU!


Your investment for the PDF report and the companion audio is only $17.

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