Step 3: Your Core Color Prescription

batik shawls - beautiful colorsColor is very special…

It’s one of the least expensive tools you can use to define your visual image, yet it’s also the tool that can create an immediate and dramatic Transformation!

Here’s the clear and indisputable truth; it doesn’t cost any more to wear a color that brings out and enhances your most Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious self than one that doesn’t – but the impact is undeniable.

And how do you choose those colors? You need some insider knowledge…

You need to know the specific colors – and the intensity of those colors – that bring out what’s special and unique about you – while incorporating (not ignoring or fighting) your natural coloring. That’s what a DivaStyle Color session and your personal color portfolio will tell you.

Color acts like a portable personal spotlight…

By strategically placing color throughout your visual image – using clothing and accessories – you can direct the eye of your “audience”exactly where you want it to go. Who’s your audience? Business associates, friends, family or loved ones! You can get them to notice exactly what you want them to notice. One possibility? Directing attention to your face – your communication center.

But you can also melt your lover’s heart, impress a potential mentor, or make a fabulous first impression from the stage or podium when you know what your best colors are, and wear them.

If you’ve had questions in the past about color and how to choose the best ones for you…

It starts with an assessment, leads to a color fan, and is personally adjustable. Color analysis inside the DivaStyle Personal Development System is about more than just the color categories and groupings, however. We go beyond whether you should wear “cool”, blue-based colors like blue or black, or “warm”, yellow-based colors like brown or orange.

The bigger question is whether the pastel, muted or saturated version of a color is right for you, whether the rich and jewel-toned version or the heathered  and softened version of a color is right for you. You want to know what version and which colors are most in harmony with YOUR coloring and who you truly are – and you’re not interested in just taking a short cut to a quick answer.

color palette 2In the 1980’s when everyone was having their colors “done”, many women found that friends or relatives with nearly identical coloring were being given the same color designation – therefore increasing the potential for two women to look pretty similar.

These two women would be told to wear the same colors, in the same garments (jackets, blouses, skirts, etc), because there was no adjustment for making the results as individual and unique as WE are. But don’t let a flawed approach from 20 years ago keep you from utilizing information that can help make a dramatic difference in your appearance now!

Once we analyze your coloring and find your best colors,  we combine those results with the information determined by our Step 1 Personality Type Assessment.

ring bound reportThe Step 1 Personality Type Assessment empowers you to better understand yourself by evaluating and then determining your Dominant and Secondary Personality Types. Your Personality Type will affect how you implement the Color Analysis results to ensure that you’re using the information in a customized and individual way that adds to your visual appeal.

Think of it this way: A woman with an outgoing and strong personality will wear color VERY differently than a woman with a more reserved or gentler personality.

Wearing Color that suits your visual but clashes with your personality can cause a phenomenon known as Visual Cognitive Dissonance – the feeling of discomfort caused by a visual image that conflicts with your authentic personality and beliefs. You’ll feel as if you are trying to portray something you are not, and others will notice it too, since we take only 7 – 10 seconds to form a first impression of a person we’ve yet to meet.

Visual Cognitive Dissonance can cause a feeling of distrust in others – certainly NOT the effect we want to have in social or business situations!

You can avoid experiencing Visual Cognitive Dissonance by combining the information from the Step 1 and Step 2 assessments – thereby addressing a more complete picture of who you are – not just the initial visual! By incorporating the modifying effect of your personality, you’re one step closer to creating and manifesting your most authentic and attractive Total Image, because you’ll be using your authentic personality to inform the results of your Color Analysis.

Once you’ve completed the process, taking your Color ID with you when you go shopping is like taking me, your Color Analyst, with you! You’ll have the information you need at hand to decide if this season’s “IT” color is going to work for you…if the color harmonizes with others in your Color ID, it will harmonize with many of the garments in your closet – thus helping you reduce or eliminate wasted time, money and space! This means that you will now have access to a tool that will help you create new combinations that you didn’t consider putting together before. Your wardrobe will expand without you having to buy a thing.

What would it be worth to you to have such a practical tool?

Women tell me that if they only wear about half of what’s in their closets. The reason? Incorrect and “orphan” colors! What do those garments cost in today’s market? These days an average clothing purchase of reasonably good quality – meaning that it won’t fall apart after a couple of cleanings –  amounts to $155 – and we make many such clothing purchases throughout out adult lives and the lifespan of our careers or businesses. How long do you think it would take you to recover a modest investment in a money-and-time-saving, customized, beautifying experience like our Color Assessment?

sample color IDLook at it this way; next time you decide to invest your hard-earned dollars and update your wardrobe to reflect current trends, or add a new color for additional flexibility and interest, because you’ll have already invested in the DivaStyle System, you’ll have the essential information you need!

You’ll have your Color ID to help you find your perfect colors every time you shop for the next 10 to 20 years, and your Personality Assessment to help you incorporate those colors in a way that enhances your visual appeal and your authentic personality, and helps you to accomplish your personal and professional goals! Talk about cost-effective!

Your investment provides:

  • Two hours of analysis and coaching (in person if in the local area, or online via Skype) to ensure you completely understand the results of your Personality Assessment and your Color Analysis. You will complete the session feeling affirmed, supported, and excited about not only the beautiful colors that reflect your natural coloring, but also your authentic and unique personality!
  • A custom designed, portable Color ID with approximately 64 swatches, bound by a single post that makes them easy to use, yet secure.
  • Each Color ID and the accompanying report also contain information on:
    • Your best colors
    • Your best contrast level – low, medium or high
    • Your best patterns – abstracts, geometrics, stripes, checks, strong and bold or more subtle
    • Your best fabrics – natural or man-made
    • Your best fabric and accessory surfaces – matte, sheen or shine
    • Your best fabric and accessory weaves – fine and close, full-bodied or medium
    • Your best fabric and accessory textures – minimal to none, heavy, or medium
    • Your best precious metals – gold, silver or white metals
    • Your best gemstones – sparkle, deep color, or lighter colors
  • You’ll also learn about Intensifier codes – what colors will enhance or intensify your hair, eye or skin tones.
  • You’ll learn the Wardrobe Designation of each color:
    • Core – colors you can build a wardrobe around, interchange, and use as a foundation
    • Basic – good for many garments
    • Accent – bright or unusual colors that bring interest to your wardrobe and reflect your personality
  • You’ll learn the Psychological Effect of each color, teaching you the expected influence and impression each color will have on the wearer – Attractive, Confident, Appealing, Distinguished, Elegant, Polished, etc.
  • You’ll also learn the Lifestyle designation of each color, suggesting activities most suited to it – Business, Relaxed Casual, Smart Casual, Active Casual, etc.

And finally, you’ll also have the security of knowing that if your Color ID were ever lost, another can be made for you from back-up records.

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