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Motivational Monday Email Series - 4 week trial

If you're anything like me, you check your email on a daily basis - maybe even multiple times a day? I know I leave mine open most of the day and check it on a pretty regular basis - because it's one of my essential tools. Now imagine if every Monday - the day a lot of people dread because its the start of another challenging week - becomes a day you look FORWARD to, because you know you're going to receive a positive boost to get you going?

Once you sign up, you'll receive a month's worth of Motivational Monday tips - positive thinking affirmations that will help you kick off the week with a mindset of success, with an option to renew. You'll learn about goal setting, creating a positive attitude by helping others, developing a clear vision for your future and much more - all in quick, easy-to-read and apply emails.

You'll start each week with a quotation from one of our world's greatest minds and most successful writers, motivational speakers, and experts. There will also be self-reflection exercises included with each weekly email to help reinforce what you've just read about, and ways to make sure the content "sticks" with you for greater benefit.

Motivation Month E-News - 30 Steps to Stay Motivated Daily

This e-newsletter provides you with 30 days of targeted information on how to build and sustain motivation - one step each day for a month. By reading, absorbing and taking action, you can increase your level of motivation and move forward into a more productive and powerful future!

You'll get one email a day for 30 days - accessible on the device of your choice: smartphone, tablet, or your computer. Get started today and start increasing your motivation!

Motivation Month E-book - 30 Steps to Stay Motivated

This e-book provides you with 30 days of targeted information on how to build and sustain motivation - one step each day for a month. By reading, absorbing and taking action, you can increase your level of motivation and move forward into a more productive and powerful future!

You'll be able to download the e-book within a few minutes and start using it to increase your level of motivation. We use Gumroad's PDF Stamping process, so allow a few extra minutes for your download to be available - you'll receive an email when it's ready.

Motivation Made Simple

Motivation is the desire we have to do things - to get things done and move from point A to point B. This guide will help you discover over 100 ways to empower yourself for success, including:

How to devise a plan of action
How to stop procrastinating
How to condition your mind with positive messages
And much more!


Aligning Your Inner and Outer Beauty

If you’ve ever struggled with your self-esteem or self-confidence, found yourself negatively affected by words thrown AT you by others, or even fallen victim to negative words you use to describe yourself, then this workshop is for you.

It’s time to break free from the cycle of negative descriptions of yourself – whether they come from others, or from yourself. You can learn to re-define the way you see yourself and the words you use to describe yourself.

The Incredible Power of Habit

Replacing Negative Habits with Positive Ones Is The Key To Personal Success and Satisfaction

Habit...It is part of you. Working constantly. Controlling you when you aren’t even aware of it. It can sabotage you and stop you from reaching your full potential.

However…If you tap into the power of positive habit creation – it can propel you towards the life you truly deserve. Creating positive habits that actually help you reach your goals, while avoiding those bad habits that hold you back is an important key to personal success.

If you want to be excellent – if you want to achieve excellence – you need to create positive habits.

How? That is what you are asking yourself right now…How do I create positive habits that will change my life?

The Incredible Power of Habit – is the perfect guide for anyone who is interested in creating positive habits that will lead to lasting change in your life.

Staying Positive: The Importance of Positive Thinking

Get Rid of Negative Thinking Once and for All

Positive Thinking Is The First & Easiest Step
The Staying Positive course will walk you through the importance of positive thinking PLUS it will teach you tips that you can use each day to reprogram your mind for positivity. Positive thinking may not bring you success on it’s own, but it is without a doubt a key indicator of future success.

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Building a Capsule Wardrobe: Maximum Style with a Minimum Investment

Do you want to dress well but don't have deep pockets? Capsule Wardrobing is the solution to daily dressing challenges. It's the principle of mixing and matching a minimal number of garments to create numerous outfits. Great for professionals, those re-entering the career market, recently promoted supervisors, or those looking to advance their careers. You'll get immediately applicable information that will help you create your own Capsule Wardrobe and save you time, money, stress and effort.

When you finish the course, you'll save yourself time, money and stress - because your wardrobe will be easy to mix and match and will provide you versatility, good looks, and a number of great combinations that will suit your personal and business wardrobe needs. Get your copy of the Capsule Wardrobe manual, the base wardrobe diagram, a bonus wardrobe diagram showing you how to incorporate a second accent color, and my Closet Organization tip sheet so you'll have room for your new wardrobe!

Harmonious Living for Your Body, Mind and Soul

Harmonious living is a matter of making peace with yourself,
others, and the world around you. It’s about balancing mind,
body and spirit. You can use techniques to achieve balance,
but the understanding of harmony comes from within.
This self-development Kit includes a Report, companion Workbook, and Summary, and will guide you to greater harmony with action tips you can use every single day to enhance your life and enjoy it to its fullest.

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