Discover and Strengthen Your Talents!

Throughout your life you’ve probably looked around and realized that almost everyone you know has a talent.  For some its related to the arts, like music or dance. For others, it may be the “gift of gab” and they are super salespersons who can encourage and convince potential customers to see the value in the product or service they are selling.

For still others, it’s the ability to pass along their knowledge through the discipline of teaching – and whether it’s an intellectual pursuit or a physical activity, they are able to help individuals and teams learn new things and then implement that new education and the new skills to make THEIR dreams come true.

If you’re wondering if you have a talent or strength, then I’ve got great news for you!

If you have a pulse, then you’ve certainly got a talent. What you may not realize is that talent doesn’t have to be something you’re born with – it is often a direct function of how much time you’ve spent engaging in a particular activity. There are those who can pick up a sport the first time and play at an elite level, or play the violin like a professional concertmaster at the age of five, but not very many people can accomplish this.

For the most part, nearly every talented peak performance athlete or anyone who has achieved an unparalleled level of mastery at his or her craft has likely spent more time than anyone else doing that very same thing.

Even the superstars whose names we recognize immediately didn’t become great overnight. Michael Jordan didn’t pick up a basketball the first time and play with the power and skill that he eventually displayed in the NBA. Tiger Woods didn’t wake up one morning winning PGA Golf tournaments. 

These masters and all of the others –  in any field that you can imagine – spent inordinate amounts of time honing their craft to get to the highest level possible.

Now what does this have to do with your talent or strength? Simple. What most people consider talent is usually more a function of something you’ve spent the most time doing – the thing you know the best and that you’ve invested your heart and mind into.

Let’s think for a minute about that. What do you spend the most time doing? You might laugh, but what if someone’s favorite pastime is watching TV? What could their talent or strength be?

Consider these ideas:

  • Perhaps that person knows everything about what’s on TV or is a movie buff. With this intuitive and accumulated knowledge about what’s on television, this person could easily start a highly informative blog about what’s on TV or start a movie/TV show critique website.
  • Maybe this person knows so much about movies and how they are made that he could begin creating an original movie, or even teach an extension class on how to shoot a movie without needing a professional studio!
  • You see, the list goes on and on, and chances are, you have strengths that you don’t even know about or consider to be strengths.
  • If you listen to others, you may find a helpful clue as to what your strengths are. Have people ever complimented you about something you did?
  • Have others looked at you in amazement over something that you did, no matter how small or insignificant it seemed to you at the time? Often what comes easily to you is something others WISH they could do as easily. If you’re thinking back to the time you burped the ABC’s as a youngster, then perhaps it’s time to hire an agent since yes, there are professional “burpers” too!
  • On a more serious note, even if you haven’t elicited shock and awe from people this doesn’t mean that you don’t possess a significant strength or talent worthy of being recognized for. After all, wouldn’t it be silly if everyone else in the NBA quit because they weren’t as good as Michael Jordan?

Don’t worry if it takes some time for you to discover your talents.

Another effective method for figuring out what your good at is sitting down and writing out all of the different things that you do throughout the day. Try and zero in on what you spend the most amount of time doing, or possibly what comes easiest to you, and you’ll be on the fast track towards finding your hidden talent.

Discovering your hidden talents can open up new dimensions in your life and bring you a fulfillment and zest for life that you never realized was possible!