Transformational Vision: Taking Your Goals From Dream to Reality (Start Today!)

In order to achieve big goals in your life – related to your health, your image, your profession or another area –  you must be willing to think big. You should dream big and work to create a transformational vision that makes your goals a reality. Achieving your targets and goals is best achieved when you can clearly imagine and see every detail of your goal.

When you’re focused and working toward bringing your goals from just a dream to actual reality, you’ll feel happier and more fulfilled during your journey.

Follow these steps to bring your goals to fruition by creating a transformational, detailed vision of what you want in life:

1. Close your eyes and imagine your future. Where do you see yourself in one year, five years or ten? Try to think as far ahead as you comfortably can. Do you see yourself with a family, children, a steady job, and a college degree in ten years?

• Try to create a vivid, detailed vision. Pay attention to every detail – scents, sounds, feelings –  and let your dreams come to life in your mind, showing you what matters most to you. Think about where you want to be in the future and how you want to get there.

2. Write down everything you see from your vision. Use as much detail as you can when writing down what you remember – you can also speak the details of your vision out loud and record them. Write down the most important achievements that you focused on, but also the details about each. What are the details from your vision that matter most to you?

• Note the things that stood out in your visualization. Did you own your own home? Were you raising a family? Did you have a job or business that made you happy? Were you earning a comfortable income? What other details stood out? How did you feel?

3. Create a list of specific bullet points. Do this for each separate achievement that you wrote about from your visualization. For example, if one of your achievements is “I own my own home,” then you can list things like you are successfully saving for a down payment, that you’re easily making the monthly mortgage payments, and you have a steady income.

4. Break each of the bullet points down into specific, detailed, goals. For example, if one bullet point was to save for a down payment for the home you visualized, how can you get there? Create savings goals that will allow you to work toward having a down payment for your home.

5. Lay out your plan. Once you have a list of long term, medium term, and short term goals in mind, create a plan to help you achieve these goals. How will you create the life that you visualized into existence and move it from a dream to happy reality? Divide your large goals into smaller, well-planned and achievable steps.

6. Start achieving smaller or short-term goals today. Put your future plans into action today. Vow to take a small, positive step each day toward the future you described from your vision. Move forward every day, even if you are only taking small steps at a time.

7. Revisit your plan consistently – on a daily basis would be best. Visualizations, dreams, and goals can change over time. Revisit the plan that you laid out and the future goals that you dreamed of on a consistent basis to ensure their relevancy over time. It’s okay to change or update your dreams and goals based on your needs and desires as they change.

Visualizing the “dream you” is an excellent way to bring your goals to the forefront when you’re trying to determine what matters most to you.

When you can picture what your desired life is like, you can better determine the goals you need to set and achieve to get there. All it takes are small steps toward your desired future self, and you can achieve the life you deserve!