Emergence – What Are You Becoming?


I’m an avid amateur photographer – I’ve even done some work professionally (i.e. for pay) over the years, and one of the things that fascinated me when I began my love affair with cameras and film was the “magic” that happened when I developed film from my camera and made photographic prints.

After developing the film, I could use the equipment in my home-built darkroom to make prints. Once the exposure was made, I placed the sheet of exposed paper into the chemicals needed to develop the image and watched with great anticipation and joy as the finished product began to emerge right before my eyes on what was previously a blank sheet of paper.

During your Love Your Reflection journey, what have YOU been exposed to? What has left an impression on you? I hope that the positive influences I try to express in this blog have helped to expose YOU to strengths you may not have recognized within yourself, and that I’ve inspired you to see all that is possible within you. You have a lot of great qualities inside you that just need a little developing.


Emergence – from the word Emerging – to come forth into view or notice, as from concealment or obscurity:



You are continually emerging – bringing parts of your personality, your essence and your SELF into view. If you’ve been concealing parts of your true self, submerging parts of your personality or just been comfortable in obscurity, it’s time to emerge. It’s time to come forth! Springtime is approaching rapidly here in North American, and with it comes all kinds of natural inspiration for emerging and becoming a more complete and noticeable YOU.

The True You – the You that has always been there, but perhaps dulled or clouded by your feelings about your weight or your body – can be inspired to burst free with the coming of Spring. New growth is coming all around us – just think of how beautiful our world will become as the flowers and plants that were asleep for the winter raise their heads and begin to show forth in all their previously-hidden beauty.

While we are people, not flowers, there is much to be said for emerging in the Spring. You have been preparing for this – you’ve developed a healthy exercise habit and you’ve lost a significant amount of weight. You are healthier and stronger because of it, and people are starting to see you differently. The warmer weather also brings with it the wearing of fewer clothes, and the clothes that we DO wear are lighter in weight and fit closer to the body.

This might be a source of a little anxiety – no more hiding under baggy or heavy clothing. Don’t worry – you are READY for this! You are ready to bloom, you are ready to EMERGE from the image of the old you and create a new vision. You are ready to show off your progress and to revel in the new positive attention you’ll recieve. You’re ready to express and experience joy, peace, love, patience and kindness as part of your emergence.

With each passing day, you become stronger, more focused, more TRUE to yourself. Give thanks for the journey, and for the progress you have made. As you become more focused on who you are becoming and allow those previously hidden qualities to emerge, practice forgiveness for those who did not see you accomplishing your goal; say a prayer of thanksgiving for those who walked along with you and who supported you along the way; and keep a loving thought for yourself – you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished and who you have become.