Energize Your Life by Thinking Positively

Have you ever really opened your mind to the valuable and lasting  impact that positive thinking can have on your day-to-day life?

When you develop a truly positive mindset, you set yourself up for a happier and more fulfilling life. With the stressful and hectic pace of our lives today, a more joyful existence is certain to be a welcome change!

It might take some practice to change your negative thought patterns into positive ideas that serve you better, but you can do it!

Apply these strategies now to invigorate your life every day:

  1. Tell yourself you CAN do it. Sometimes, a simple thought that you repeat over and over again can get you through a grueling or challenging experience. “I can do it, I can do it, I can do it” is a great mantra to keep you striving for the excellence you desire.
  2. Think of yourself as strong. When you’re engaging in physical activity, think to yourself, “I am strong. I can do anything. I can finish this job because of my strength.”
  3. Write down what’s good about you. Even though it may feel a bit strange to do it, get a pen and paper and start listing your positive attributes. Do some bragging about yourself – turn those positive attributes into affirmations and use them to lift your spirits and increase your confidence.
  4. Positively state that you WILL do something. Rather than being disappointed about something you didn’t do well, vow you’ll work to achieve it in the future. Use the words, “I am.”

Notice that you’re not saying, “I’m going to try” or “I might give it a go.” You’re stating, “I am” going to do that something. It’s positive and affirmative. Practice thinking and speaking in these terms. The more definitive you can be, the more likely your life will advance in positive ways.

  1. Jog or walk briskly around the block. How long has it been since you used your body’s core to walk fast, jog, or run? You’ll feel invigorated and accomplished when you get done. Of course, take heed to your body’s health and your doctor’s advice on exercise before attempting this one.

If you can’t jog for very long, jog while you’re counting to 15 under your breath. Then walk for a couple of minutes before jogging again for a count of 15. When you’re done, you’ll feel spent in a positive way, because you really did something.

  1. Set aside time each day to work toward your most important goal. No matter what your goal is, you’ll feel psyched if you do one thing to work toward it every single day. It will give your day a positive lift. Try it and see.

For example, if your goal is to get a new job, get a spiral notebook and jot down each day (with the date) what you did to get a job. Maybe you made a call. Maybe you established a contact on the internet. Maybe you e-mailed a headhunter. Just do 1 thing every day to achieve your goal.

  1. Have a sense of humor. If you ordered a new bed and it doesn’t fit in the room when the delivery guys bring it, try to laugh about it. Recognize it’s not an unsolvable issue—you can return the bed and shop for another one. Smile and believe that tomorrow is another day to get it right.
  2. Tell yourself you can handle it if something doesn’t work out. Being positive means you’ll land on your feet, regardless of what happens. You’ll get through it. When you truly know this and live life like you believe it, you’ll be one of the most positive people alive.

When you begin to re-focus your life toward positivity, you’ll discover a passion for life you’ve never before experienced. You’ll bring vim and vigor to your life each day through practicing these positive methods and mantras.

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