My Energy Levels Are Increasing Daily

I am taking better care of my body than I ever have before. My choice of foods is aligned with the nutrition plan designed by my weight loss surgery support team. I am  becoming more aware and intentional about what I am putting into my body. Each day, I drink plenty of water and eat a healthy, protein-packed breakfast to help start my day off right.

My meals are loaded with lean protein, fruits and vegetables, which are excellent sources of energy and low in fat.

To keep a high level of energy, I make every effort to stay active at a level that is right for me. I take time each morning to gently warm and stretch my muscles and I get some exercise appropriate for my strength and fitness level every day.

Throughout the day, I look for simple ways to keep my body moving. By parking my vehicle farther away from where I am going and taking stairs instead of elevators, I increase my level of physical activity, thus raising my overall sense of well-being.

Being active increases blood flow to my brain and helps me to have even more energy. The cycle of a healthy and positive lifestyle begins by being active.

Getting sufficient rest is essential to bolster my energy levels. I have the self-control to turn off all devices and distractions, however pleasant, and reach toward a goal of 8 hours of restful sleep every single night. I love myself enough to stick to a reasonable bedtime in order to get plenty of rest.

When I get enough sleep, my energy level soars. I wake up in a positive mood, happy, and ready to face whatever the day will bring.

Today, I choose to get plenty of rest, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of filtered / purified water, exercise at the level that’s right for me and to eat according to my nutritional plan to increase my vitality and maximize healthy weight loss. As my body continues to get stronger and feel better, my performance level in every area of my life improves.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I be active today while gently pushing my limits?
  2. What healthy meal can I eat for lunch today that fits into my nutritional plan?
  3. How can I plan ahead in order to get to bed earlier tonight and get 8 hours of rest?