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What is a DivaStyle Coach?

Your partner in personality & style


I’m glad you asked! I created the term DivaStyle Coach to describe my specific expertise in Image Consulting and Coaching. I combine the expertise of image consultants, who guide their clients toward presenting a professional appearance, with the added benefit of personality analysis. Each of us is unique and different – and even identical twins will not dress in the same manner forever. As we grow and mature, our personal coloring is only ONE aspect of appearance we should consider. Who you are – your personality – affects everything including your communication style, level of self-confidence, and much more. By including personality with the information we gather from Image assessments, you’re assured of getting the best possible result that will grow WITH you.

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What Makes a Great Wardrobe?

Keep it simple, classic and colorful!


A great wardrobe will mean slightly different things to different people, but I believe that every great wardrobe has the following in common:

  • It fits the wearer’s “right now” body. No one looks good in clothing that’s too tight, too small, too large, etc. No matter what the size tag says, invest in clothing that fits YOUR body!
  • It is flexible and versatile. Very few women today can afford several different wardrobes – one for business, one strictly casual, one for athletic pursuits, etc, etc, etc. We primarily need our clothing to do multiple duty and be flexible and versatile enough to dress up or down for many different activities.
  • It MUST stay within our clothing budget.  I simply cannot afford to throw out my wardrobe every year (or every season) and purchase all new garments. Staying within my clothing budget means that I employ Capsule Wardrobe principles to get the greatest number of outfits out of a specific collection of garments.

Wanna see proof? Check out our work! 

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Style Wise, Shopping Smart

Why should I hire an Image Consultant or Coach?

Benefits, Advice and Expertise

The world we live in is VERY image conscious – now you may not feel that’s fair, but it’s the reality. From a distance, people can’t tell very much about your personality, your expertise, or your education, but what the can and will do is judge your appearance. Your visual image – clothing, accessories, hairstyle, clothing, etc – can impact your profession, your friends, and your romantic options. It can also have a significant impact on your self-esteem. When you look like you care about your appearance, people will then assign additional positive characteristics to you.

I was hired by a bank – a fairly conservative industry, appearance wise – to work with three of their employees because they felt the women were valuable professionally and deserved consideration for promotion, but the visual aspect of their personal image was limiting their advancement. I was hired as an Image Consultant and Coach to help them create more positive visual images. My goal is to show you as my client how to show the world who you are on the inside using what you wear on the outside. I will show you how to enhance your personal style by showing you what colors make you look your best while honoring your authentic personality, how to accentuate your body size, proportions and unique features, and how to minimize your body flaws. You will learn how communicate the truth of who you are through your visual image, including wardrobe and accessories.

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How long will it take to improve my Image?

Short term, medium and long term solutions

When you’re considering an Image update, start with aspects of your image that can make a visual change immediately. Learning what Colors look best on you and emphasize all your good points is a great place to start. Color can help your best features stand out, and make features you’re not as happy with stay more in the background. Evaluate your current wardrobe based on the new information you have regarding color and start eliminating garments that don’t flatter you. You’ll be ready then to start acquiring new garments that fit into your color plan – and these should be classically styled and versatile so that you can mix and match garments for more versatility.

Knowing that you look good gives you a little breathing room to continue updating your Image by investing in a Personality Assessment. Using just Color will get you started, but it’s very satisfying to know what makes you unique and special as an individual, and to use your wardrobe and accessories to help show the world just who you are. No matter what your profession or business, you can make yourself stand out from the crowd by using your personality.

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