Focal Points, Your Image and Working It!

I love the new season of fashion – whenever Fall rolls around, I get excited, because it’s time to pull all my favorite things out of the closet again…this year is no different! I’ve been watching the fashion magazines and loving what I see – it’s easy to pick a focal point for your image and then WORK IT!

What’s your favorite feature about yourself? For me – I love my hair (currently rocking a full, curly afro) so I’m looking at hairties, headbands and scarves to add spice and color to my wardrobe. I also love shoes – though with my size 11 feet, it’s hard to find really hot shoes, but I keep looking! I love the Christian Siriano line for Payless – and recently ordered three pairs of shoes and two purses which were delivered FREE to my local Payless for me to pick up. Take advantage of this wonderful service if you can…it’s a way to feed your shoe fetish without breaking the bank, and they usually have size 11 and size 12 for those of us who were blessed with height and *ahem* larger feet!

I also love jewelry – as you could see by my post on Elite Choices and their terrific jewelry offerings…jewelry can totally change the look of an outfit and your image, and when the prices are so affordable, it makes a fashionista and accessory addict (ME!) very, very happy! Jewelry is an excellent way to express your personality – I have large, showy items to express my DIVA-liscious side, more modest and classic items when I’m channelling my Mama and her love of the understated, and funky, out-there items for nights when I’m out dancing and partying with my beloved husband.

Make sure that you pick only ONE or at most, TWO focal points – don’t combine a lot of jewelry with attention-getting shoes unless you want to confuse the viewer…if you’re in a professional situation or an entrepreneur, keep the focus up near your face so people will hear and understand your message. If their gaze is drawn toward your feet or legs (for all my unusual-stocking-wearing gals) they might miss the essential message you are delivering. If your intention is truly to draw attention to your feet, then go for it – make the shoes the exclamation point to your outfit – it gives people a little insight into your personality.

Remember that first impressions are very important – but not irreplaceable – you CAN change a first impression you’ve made if it’s important enough to you. When you decide to take your image into your own hands, calling attention to the focal points you want to emphasize, people may not understand at first…continue to be true to the image YOU have designed for yourself and you’ll be just fine.

When you’ve accomplished significant weight loss, you may feel as if you are now ‘VISIBLE’ where before you seemed to fade into the background. That’s perfectly alright! Be assured that you CAN stand out in a good way, and you SHOULD. Work what you’ve got – and don’t be afraid to call attention to the aspects of your visual image that you are proud of!