Sickness, Horror and Unconscionable Acts – Gang Rapes

***WARNING*** The subject matter of this post is very disturbing

I am sick to my stomach…the horrible story of an 11-year-old GIRL CHILD who was sexually assaulted by a group of between 17 and 20 + men (the story is still unfolding in Texas) has me terribly angry, feeling very vicious and looking for revenge on behalf of this child.

There are dozens of bloggers and posts referring to this heinous act – and I wasn’t going to add my post to them, but I realized that there is a responsibility I must adhere to – that as an African-American / Black woman, I cannot be silent about what is happening to my sisters of color.

My soul cries for this young lady – and there is a burning red hot anger inside me for the MALES (they are NOT men) who perpetrated this crime against her – and I want to do whatever I can to help prevent this from ever happening to another young girl.

First – let me speak to the girls themselves. My sisters / daughters / young ones – some of you I will never meet physically, but as a woman / mother / sister / friend / mentor / role model, I IMPLORE you, plead with you, to never hang the garment of your self-esteem on the adoration of the male species. There are males out there who are predators – they are only looking for those whom they can hurt – and they come in every shape, size and color you can imagine.  Please – LISTEN to your intuition. Listen to that ‘still, small voice within’ that tells you the person in front of you means you NO GOOD. Please – take heed to that nagging little feeling at the back of your mind that tells you this person does NOT love you, regard you, feel positive towards you. What has happened to those who came before you – the girls and women who were violated and abused – does NOT have to happen to you. If you have a single question about associating with someone – if they make you the LEAST bit uncomfortable – RUN AWAY! Apologies can come later, but recovering from an abusive event like the young lady in Texas has suffered will take many years.

Next – let me speak to the women who defend males involved in activities like this who blame the girls / women involved – and to those who “set up” other females to be gang-raped and abused. For you as a female to defend this activity by blaming the victim is beyond heinous…as a female, how CAN YOU blame an 11-year-old for being ‘too suggestive’ or ‘too fast’? What disconnect is there within your pea-sized brain that makes you believe an 11-year-old could POSSIBLY ask for this to be done to her? If you are raising a Son – please, by all that you hold holy and good, teach him to respect the rights, bodies and wishes of women. Teach him NOT to follow the crowd when the crowd is commiting acts of brutality and assault. WE can stop this – mothers, sisters, grandmothers, play mothers, girlfriends – WE must stop this. If you are even CONSIDERING setting someone else up for this – PLEASE STOP. There is NO justification, no mount of “getting back at someone” that justifies setting up another female to be abused. Do NOT be the cause of another woman / girl / female being abused and destroyed – because make no mistake, a victim of this kind of abuse will lose a part of her soul. She will NEVER be the same…and if YOUR acts caused this, you will have a karmic debt of the worst kind…and what goes around, comes around.

Finally – let me speak to the males involved in these atrocious acts. If you participate in such a horrific act, YOU WILL PAY – know this. There are forces in this world that we cannot understand or control and THEY will ensure that you PAY. Consider if this was YOUR mother, YOUR sister, YOUR daughter, YOUR friend…how much red-hot anger would YOU feel toward those who had abused your loved one? Be the MAN and refuse to go along with this kind of activity – and better yet – STOP those who do. Use a victim’s hotline, anonymous reporting tip line, or whatever you must do to STOP this. There are no words to truly describe how urgent this cause is – there are not enough superlatives to indicate how important this is. NO woman / girl / female should EVER have to endure this kind of pain or suffering. NO ONE.

If you know of someone committing these acts, please ‘drop a dime’ on them and help stop this. There is NO reason to look the other way and allow this kind of atrocity to continue. No one deserves this – no one. It is everyone’s problem – because if the perpetrators of this violence are not stopped, they will continue – and they will teach / encourage / force others to follow them.

Don’t let that happen.


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