GET Course – Step 4

Day 4: Find Your Guiding Lights

Thinking back to Step 2 in our program, you wrote down all of your highest visions of how you wanted your life to look if anything were possible.

You acknowledge that the reason you want these things is because you are unsatisfied by the results you are currently getting.

You are in a great position because you now know…

  1. a) Where you are, and
  2. b) Where you truly want to be for each area of life

In order to start making real change in each area, you need to develop a plan.

Now obviously this isn’t rocket science. But here’s the problem… plans very often fail. And if you blindly write a plan to correct problems you have been perpetuating for years, you already know what is going to happen (that’s right… nothing!).

Your assignment today is to identify your “Guiding Lights“.

For each area of life you want to change, you are going to seek out people who you can follow, watch, observe and model. These are people who are already getting the results you want at each area of life.

Go ahead and fill in your guiding lights for each of the following…

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Work
  • Passion/Energy
  • Visual Image

Use your notebook, or the download link below for this exercise.

Click here to download the exercise for Step 4 of this 5-part course.

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