Healthy Food Choices Make You Glow

The biggest organ on your body is your SKIN. Yep – that beautiful, resilient covering that gives us the foundation for our image at it’s simplest. Without our skin, we’d all be walking around as just a bundle of organs – and what a sight THAT would be!

Our skin- and it’s relative condition – is so important to your image and to helping you effectively display your DivaStyle. You can’t look your best if you ignore your skin – and you can’t have great skin if you’re not paying attention to what you eat.

Not only are your food choices important to your skin condition and function, you also know that your food choices help give you the energy and drive you need to move through your day and be your Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious self.

It’s so easy to forget that what you put into your body plays a huge part in how your body feels and how well it performs!

When you get caught up in day-to-day happenings, you’re likely to lose sight of the importance of watching what foods you eat. You start to focus on eating to sustain you and help you get through the day instead of eating to keep your body healthy, flexible and strong.

Eventually, you’ll start to feel tired and worn out, and you will look less vibrant, faded, and undernourished. If you’re at that stage right now, it’s important to make a conscious effort to assess what you’re feeding your body. This is the first step for reviving your appearance and overall health.

In getting started, look at what you can include as well as what you can eliminate from your diet to help you get and maintain glowing, healthy skin. A glowing exterior reflects a healthy interior!

These food-related decisions will help you achieve and maintain a healthy glow:

1. Drink lots of filtered water. Water has several benefits to the body, but specifically related to that glow you want is its ability to flush toxins from your system and keep you hydrated.

* Drinking 6-8 glasses of filtered water each day will result in healthier, cleaner skin and a timeless natural glow.

* Filtered water is better for you than “regular” tap water, so consider investing in some kind of filtration system for your home. Whether it’s a at-the-tap add-on filter or a filtering pitcher, give yourself the gift of the best possible water quality that you can.

2. Eat more berries. Berries like raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Antioxidants play a huge part in helping to eliminate toxins from the body. As you may know, toxins are dangerous and contribute to all sorts of negative symptoms, including tiredness, weakened immune system, and even tainted blood.

* All of the above symptoms – the tiredness, the weakened immune system – can manifest themselves very easily. You’ll be able to look in the mirror and know something’s wrong.

3. Avoid processed foods when possible. In lots of cases, processed foods contain ingredients that the human body just doesn’t know what to do with. When you eat them, the body just holds on to what it can’t process. In such cases, you really don’t know what kind of impact those ingredients are having on your system.

* Play it safe by avoiding processed foods as much as possible. They may very well be contributing to the missing glow.

* Shop in the natural section of your local grocery or food store in your area and have organic foods where possible.

4. Include fiber each day. Fibrous foods are effective at aiding digestion and allowing the body to get rid of free radicals that can wreak havoc on your system.

* When you eat foods high in fiber, like grains and green vegetables, your strengthened health is reflected in your skin, too.

* Whole grains can be found in some breakfast cereals, but be sure to check the sugar content so you’re not diminishing the value of the grains.

* Broccoli is a particularly effective fibrous vegetable.

As you can see, it can be simple and easy to treat your body right. By making just a few changes to what you eat, you’ll enable your body to function well and your skin to maintain a healthy glow.

When changing your diet, it’s easier if you implement just one change at a time. Once that change becomes a habit, you can make another change. Your skin will show the results in no time!

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