Affirmation: I Refuse To Be Average

Say it with me: I refuse to be average. I was designed to be so much more than ordinary.

You are special. So am I – and because we are both special, we are anything BUT ordinary. I hope you said the first line of this blog post out loud – when I was creating it, I said those words out loud, myself. I refuse to be average. Average is easy – isn’t it?

Just kind of muddling along, doing what is necessary, but no more than that. Being competent, but perhaps not outstanding. Living a generally positive life, but certainly not the Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious life that you have the potential to create and enjoy. Why settle for less than?

What’s holding you back from exploring that side of you that was designed to be so much more than ORDINARY?

Take a look at the affirmative statements that compose the rest of this blog post – and today, I want you to pick one of those statements, or make just a slight adjustment to one of them, and use it as part of your daily routine.

Every single day, I want you to say that affirmative statement out loud to yourself. It might feel funny at first, and you might think it’s not doing anything for you at first, but I promise you – if you keep on doing it, change WILL come.

It may come slowly, like the sun rising early in the morning…the light that is your growing sense of self-esteem and self-confidence will continue to get brighter and brighter as you continue to speak the affirmation out loud. You may not achieve full intensity and brightness after the first week, but just keep going.

Here in North America, we’re heading into Spring and eventually into Summer. As you and I continue to speak this affirmation, the days will get longer and warmer. Use that seasonal cycle to help you realize that you can come into a new period of heat and light in your own life.

What have you been building toward? What’s ready to burst forth from you like the new plants burst forth after a long winter’s nap? What is growing around you – inspired by the growing light and heat, and what can you help burst forth by watering it with your positive intention and your will to create positive change for yourself?

Read the rest of the positive statements that make up this post below, and refuse to be average!

  • I was created with many talents for a reason. I may not know right now what that reason is, but I will develop my talents to the best of my ability to help discover and fulfill my purpose in life.
  • I am becoming the strongest, smartest, most beautiful, and most talented person I can be – I am definitely not average! I purposely and intentionally do things every day to avoid falling into the “average” trap.
  • I intentionally seek out new knowledge to improve my talents and strengthen my skills. I read and research new ideas to find all the information I need. I plan for focused and consistent action like taking classes, going to seminars, and finding mentors to help me bring out and productively apply my talents.
  • I am action-oriented. I implement my action plan every day to work toward my goals. When I come upon a challenge, I figure out a solution and get moving again rather than allow the situation to delay me in my quest.
  • I am passionate. My zest for life gives me the energy and motivation to be the best I can be. When I choose a path to travel, I go down that path full-force. I love fully, selflessly and completely.
  • I clarify my priorities and make decisions accordingly. I know what is important to me and live without regret.
  • All these things keep me from being average. I am unique, valuable, and important to this world. I know it with absolute certainty and live an extra-ordinary life that shows it.
  • Today, I will step out of the average world, discover and embrace my talents, and take action to develop them.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How am I unique and extra-ordinary? Write down some details and keep them near you for daily review so that you focus energy on them.
  2. Do I let my passion for life shine through in my daily activities? Start a daily practice of showing your passion for life – make it a habit!
  3. What am I currently doing to develop my special talents? You are worth dedicating time to – find time every day to develop at least one of your special talents.