I Will Improve My Success Level by Improving My Sleeping Patterns

In order to achieve the success I deserve in any area of my life, I must give my mind and body the rest they need. I understand that getting the recommended amount of sleep each night is essential to ensuring optimum performance.

Beginning and maintaining a regular sleep schedule gives me the energy to face the world with a sharp mind and heightened senses. My increase in attentiveness helps me achieve personal and business goals and gives me a competitive edge in achieving my goals.

A regular sleep schedule empowers me to physically turn back the clock on the aging process. I am fully aware that those who suffer from a lack of rest often look well beyond their years.

I actively prevent the development of fine lines, wrinkles, under eye circles and dehydrated skin by improving my sleeping patterns – supporting my desire to show the world my most positive and authentic visual image. In addition, my goal to maintain a healthy weight and a strong body is easier due to the decrease in cravings for unhealthy food throughout the night.

My efforts to attain a full night’s sleep begin every morning. I ingest as little caffeine as possible throughout my day and begin to relax my mind at a reasonable hour. By the time I’m ready to retire for sleep, my mind is relaxed and ready for peaceful, restoring rest.

I now realize that watching too much television or spending extra time on the computer before bed may hinder my ability to fall asleep. For this reason, I choose to read a book or listen to my favorite soft or instrumental music before bed.

Today, I take my health seriously as a major component of my visual image. I understand that maintaining a regular sleeping pattern strengthens my health, sharpens my mind, and reinforces my positive image of myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I sabotage my sleeping patterns by watching television too late in the evening?
  2. How can I wind down from my day’s activities early enough to set the stage for more restful sleep?
  3. How can I adjust my schedule to ensure that I have enough time for an adequate amount of sleep?