Imperfect is Perfectly Fine!

It’s easy around the holidays to get caught up in the need to be perfect – throw the perfect party, find the perfect holiday hairdo, the perfect dress, the perfect pair of shoes…cook the perfect holiday meal, the perfect dessert…find the perfect party to attend with your absolutely perfect date…you get the idea.

All that perfectionism can be a recipe for stress, emotional upset and damaged self-esteem. It may seem that all around you are bathing in perfection, while you are challenged by your own simple humanity. I used to stress myself out when trying to ‘get the house ready for the holidays’. I worried about unfinished home improvement projects, getting the tree up and decorated early in the month of December, even about what I would cook for Christmas dinner.

It seems I’m not alone – I regularly read articles from UUWorld magazine (website: UUWorld) and my Facebook stream had one today entitled “The Devil and Martha Stewart”. While it was written and published in December 2008, it rang so true to me today that I had to share it with you. Author Meg Barnhouse requested one of Martha’s gardening books as a Christmas present, and in reading through it found not only inspiration, but a sense of inadequacy:

I wondered how she did it all, and I was feeling clumsy and inadequate until I learned she sleeps four hours a night and has a staff of helpers standing by to follow her every instruction. I had no helpers, two toddlers, and my garden wasn