Journey to Confidence – Introduction and Step 1





You may have absolute confidence in one area of your life (such as the career or business you trained for) and be totally unsure of yourself in another area(s) – like your personal presentation or your image. You probably know confidence when you see and experience it. It may be the advice from a trusted physician or financial advice from an estate planner –and if you don’t feel that confidence, it’s likely you won’t take his or her advice.

Becoming the confident person you want to be – as part of developing your own definition for DivaStyle – may be especially difficult if your self-esteem has been damaged or if you have experienced severe or repeated criticism in your life. Even if you’re well-trained in a certain field, you may find it difficult to succeed if you lack confidence. For example, if you’re a well-educated engineer, you may still find it hard to present your knowledge to others without feeling nervous and bumbling.

There are ways to overcome your lack of confidence and move on to the success which comes from the proper training, personal qualities and values and experience. No matter what areas of your life you need help in gathering confidence to succeed, you can do it with a little work and lots of patience.

Step 1:How to Prepare Yourself for Confidence

Preparing yourself to receive confidence boosters means that you first must understand what real confidence is. Some go overboard when pushing for more confidence and become aggressive. But, confidence is actually more self-efficacy and an innate sense of self-esteem rather than aggressiveness. Aggressiveness can too easily turn into bullying.

Confidence is knowing that if you work hard, learn skills and meet goals, you’ll reach the success you’re striving for. Others need to sense your confidence – so you should learn to act and present yourself in a certain way which exudes it. People may assess confidence in you by the following ways:

  1. You take risks. When others know that you’ll get the job done or may fearlessly set out on an unknown path, they’ll have more confidence in your ability to lead.
  2. You don’t brag about past achievements. Others can be very put-off by bragging. Let your skills speak for themselves and others will begin to realize your achievements and admire you for them.
  3. Always do the right thing. Even if it means going against the “crowd,” you keep your ethics and values and stay consistent.
  4. Be gracious. Accept compliments gracefully rather than dismissing your accomplishments.
  5. Admit your mistakes. It takes a strong person to admit to mistakes, but others will think higher of you for the trait, especially if you turn the mistakes into learning experiences.

When you believe in yourself and your abilities, others will follow suit. Preparing to become confident in all you do should include the above traits. As you make them part of your life, you’ll become more confident and sure of whatever challenge that comes your way.

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