Journey to Confidence – Step 3


Staying on Track

After determining your confidence level and get to know yourself better, you’re ready to set goals that will keep you on track to reach the level of success you desire. You’ve got to know yourself – your strengths and weaknesses – so you’ll know where to begin and how to get to the finish line of success.

That means that you don’t begin by starting on the “high dive” of the pool. You’ll begin slowly and achieve small accomplishments before you’re ready to plunge in to the deep water.

As you might expect, the first goal to success should be gathering the knowledge you need to get to the top. Whether you’re studying to be a physician or a seamstress, you’ve got to begin by identifying skills you’re going to need in your chosen path. How do you get to where you want to be? It may involve school or personal training and it could take months or years, but it’s a necessary step to achieving your long-term goals.

Begin with small goals. In the beginning, don’t make the goals so difficult that you have trouble reaching them. Give yourself some slack and set some small, readily achievable goals and leave the more intense goals for later in the journey.

Accept that you’re going to make mistakes and learn from them. Any time you’re on an unfamiliar path, failure is bound to happen. Keep looking at your accomplishments and keep the positive thinking strong.

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