Journey to Confidence: Step 4


Keep Moving Toward Your Ultimate Goal

Nothing gives you a sense of confidence like the act of moving toward your goal by celebrating the small achievements and reaching a big goal that you’ve set for yourself.

It’s normal for confidence to waver at times. Frustration and doubts can set in and you may think you’ll never be good enough to “get there.” But, confidence can get you to your ultimate goal and help you push yourself harder until you finally achieve success.

Goal setting is the most important step to gaining the knowledge and experience you’ll need to gain confidence. As you gain inner confidence, you’ll begin to project that confident air to others.

It’s not enough to talk about your goals or even to write them down. You’ve got to take serious action in taking part in and meeting the steps needed to turn those goals into realities. But, it’s important to be effective in your goal-setting rather than simply mapping them out.

Here’s how to set goals that are meaningful and which will increase your confidence level as you experience success of meeting them all:

  • Be specific. Set goals which are precise – not arbitrary goals that aren’t that important to the final outcome.
  • Assessing your success. You’ll need to figure out how you’ll recognize your success. For example, if you’re concentrating on losing weight, you can use the scales or measuring tape.
  • Set realistic goals. Unless you’re setting realistic and achievable goals, you won’t be able to reach them and will end up frustrated and with even less confidence than you began with.
  • Set a time frame. Always set goals with a time limit. Be realistic about how long it will take you to reach them. You may even need to change the long-term goal time, but you should have a good idea about when you should successfully reach the goal.
  • Set challenging goals. You should be excited about the goal you’re going after and challenged by the nature of it.

A systematic approach to goal-setting will increase your chances of achieving success. Along the way, stop awhile and assess your progress. Effective feedback can provide the information you need to keep on track and lessen your chances of giving up.

Also, review your goals periodically to be sure they’re appropriate to your changing confidence level. Boosting confidence to set and reach goals is a technique used by most successful people today. Each challenge or idea can produce doubts and cause changes that can either knock you off the track to success – or keep you successfully in the success lane.

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