Kick Off a Fresh Image with a Mini-Makeover

Have you been wishing you could change your appearance? Are you growing tired of your hair, skin, body shape or size, or even just the style of your clothing? If you’ve experienced any of these feelings – and they are common as we move into a new year, or sometimes a new month – you might enjoy a mini-makeover.

How you feel about your body image has a substantial effect on how you feel about yourself as a person. Everyone needs a boost to his or her body image once in awhile. And it just feels good to make some changes to your personal appearance, which will help you to love who and what you see in the mirror every single day.

Follow these suggestions to freshen up your look:

1.      Visit your beauty salon or barbershop for a trim or a new haircut. Nothing makes you feel newer and more revitalized than a good hairstyle – and you don’t have to make drastic changes! Sometimes just a trim is enough to help you see more possibilities.

A haircut that fits your facial features gives your face a lift and will make you look and feel more attractive.

2.      Give your skin some attention.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are good facial product lines to fit your needs.

Each morning and evening, wash your face with a facial soap or cleanser and pat dry. Follow up with a toner, like witch hazel, applied with a cotton ball or pad. Finally, apply a facial moisturizer.

If you continue this regimen daily, you’ll notice your skin looking more vibrant and healthy.

You’re worth the time and effort it takes each day to take care of your skin.

3.      Perhaps you’ve been feeling you could stand to spend some time exercising.

 If it’s been a while, check fitness websites for toning exercises.

Even a 30-minute walk each day could be just the exercise you’re looking for to get your heart rate up and your muscles more defined.

Whatever you decide, make exercising a priority. Do it for you.

Also, check with your doctor first before you start any sort of new exercise regimen.

4.      If you believe you need to lose a few pounds, think about what approach you might like to use. If you’ve lost weight using healthy strategies in the past, consider following those same methods again, with your doctor’s approval.

On the other hand, if you haven’t had much success in the past, or have never tried weight loss, ask your doctor or a nutritionist for advice on how to safely lose and keep off the extra pounds.

5.      It’s not unusual to tire of wearing the same clothes or same style. Updating your look is an important aspect of a mini-makeover. Getting a new outfit and freshening up your style will make you feel renewed.

If you aren’t sure you can select a new outfit that’ll look great on you, start by organizing what you currently have in your closet. Check out my ‘Conquer Your Closet’ materials here for more ideas and a hands-on exercise to get you started.

For example, you may be shopping for a casual outfit to wear to baseball games. Or you may want something new to wear to your office. Whatever clothing you desire, make a plan first to avoid overbuying and wasted time and money.

For the ladies, if you need assistance accessorizing your new outfit with scarves and jewelry, check out my new mini-course on Accessories by clicking here.

6.      Unmanaged stress can exhaust you emotionally and physically. If you’re feeling the effects of chronic tension, consider practicing stress management techniques throughout your day.

Read a book on meditation or relaxation techniques. Your appearance will improve when you lighten your stress load.

Every now and then, most people want to make some changes in their appearance. Giving your personal and professional image a lift with a mini-makeover may be just the change you need to feel rejuvenated. Use the suggestions above to give yourself a mini-makeover. You’ll feel renewed and refreshed!