Let Go of Worry and Anxiety

Letting go of worry and anxiety can be difficult when they have been a part of your life for some time – no matter what  circumstances we find ourselves in, worry and anxiety can be a part of every day life. The key is not to let the worry and anxiety overwhelm you and cause you to either stop taking action and moving forward, or let the worry stop you from moving at all.

Sometimes life events will lead to anxiety and worry – take a moment to remember during these anxious times that you are not alone. There are friends and family you can turn to, people you can lean on for help and to gain the strength you need to persevere. Even if your friends and family are far away, talking to them via the phone, email or text messages can help to renew the connection and help you to realize that you are not alone.

Your faith walk can also help you in times of worry and anxiety. Whatever your basis in belief, whether it be traditionally Christian, nature-based, or some combination of other faith traditions, it can be a source of comfort and strength during difficult times. When you have difficult decisions to make, challenges that seem overwhelming, or matters that confuse you, referring to sacred texts, books that speak to your faith and sensibilities, or talking with someone who shares your views can be immensely helpful in lessening your worries.

Spirit works in invisible and often unknowable ways. When you pray or meditate on a difficult issue, let go of trying to control every outcome. The need to control can cause additional stress, leading to negative thought patterns and emotions. Try to release the need to micromanage every detail of every situation – instead try to affirm and gratefully acknowledge that all is working for good. Turn to the still, quiet voice within and listen for guidance , then give thanks as you receive it. Releasing my concerns, let Spirit be Spirit in your life, and do what is yours to do.