Dump Social Competition and Love Your Life

Do you sometimes find yourself comparing your life to that of others? Do you crave more fulfilling relationships and greater satisfaction? To create the happiness you deserve, you can free yourself from social competition.

Even if you see yourself as a totally peaceful person, you may find yourself participating in social rivalry. And if you’re naturally competitive, you likely enjoy challenging your friends. However, by avoiding certain kinds of contests, you can create more joy in your life.

Different Kinds of Rivalry, Different Results

Sometimes competition is good. Playing poker, dominoes, or indulging in a friendly challenge with your loved ones can be fun and relaxing. But when you start comparing yourself to others, you may find that there’s no real winner, and everyone feels hurt afterward.

If you begin a rivalry over the size of your homes, and it turns out that you have the biggest home, you may temporarily feel great. However, your friends may be jealous and angry with you for pointing it out. On the other hand, if they have the bigger house, you may feel unhappy instead.

Avoid comparing what you have to what others have – especially friends. When you focus on being the best, you may miss opportunities to nourish friendships. Precious life energy may be spent trying to win instead of to build relationships. You can choose another path!

How to Dump Unproductive Social Competition

If your group of friends begins showing off, you can either ignore their comments or change the topic. They may prompt you to join in. Just tell them that you’d rather not take part in such conversations. Remain polite, but refuse to compare each other’s situations.

True friendship is about supporting one another. Regularly indulging in social contests can negatively impact relationships. These interactions can cause you to feel happy when your friends are down, and frustrated if something good happens to them.

Rivalries with friends are like Jan and Marcia’s relationship on the hit television series, “The Brady Bunch.” Each time Marcia was given positive attention, Jan jealously exclaimed, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!Instead of feeling competitive, she could have been happy for her sister, just like you can be happy for your friends!

Today, choose to dump social comparisons and set yourself free from the ties of negativity. Next time you’re prompted to join in competition, just decline. Choose kindness and support instead. Nurture your relationships and they will stand the test of time.

Remember that you can always create more fulfilling friendships, no matter how long you may have been competing with each other.

Love the Life You Have and the Life You’re Building

By avoiding social contests, you can begin to enjoy your life just as it is. In the end, you can choose to create whatever experiences you desire. Today, decide that your life will be filled with satisfaction.

Spend a few minutes today thinking about the richness your friends bring to your life and how much you share with them. When you’re tempted to compete, focus on what you have in common. Before you know it, positive thoughts will be second nature to you, and you’ll begin to love your life!