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“Who Else Wants to
Create A Positive Mindset &
Greater Motivation?”

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 Dianne M. Daniels, The DivaStyle Coach
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Why is Mindset and Motivation important? Having a positive mindset will help you get off of “top dead center” and get moving toward what you really want in life.

Motivation is a key factor in keeping you moving in a positive direction when the challenges of life come at you. No one has a challenge-free life – we all experience them – but it’s what you do when they occur (and they WILL occur) that makes the difference.

You’ve heard some of the conventional advice:

“Think positive”
“Just go and do it”
“You’ve got to motivate yourself to change”

All of which sound good on the surface, but…its hard to change an existing negative habits into powerful and positive ones – especially if you don’t receive regular reinforcement!

And Then It Hit Me!

Reinforcing that positive mindset and getting fresh doses of motivation keeps you on the right track and helps you make continual forward progress – toward whatever goals you’ve set for your life, your health or your profession!

It’s great to be motivated – and some of us can even keep that motivation level high for a while, but…what if you could depend on a weekly dose of practical and immediately applicable information that would help to create that positive mindset and add to your level of motivation – all on a weekly basis?

Motivational Mondays
with the DivaStyle Coach Club

If you’re anything like me, you check your email on a daily basis – maybe even multiple times a day? I know I leave mine open most of the day and check it on a pretty regular basis – because it’s one of my essential tools.

Now imagine if every Monday – the day a lot of people dread because its the start of another challenging week – becomes a day you look FORWARD to, because you know you’re going to receive a positive boost to get you going?

Once you sign up for the Club, you’ll receive a month’s worth of Motivational Monday tips – positive thinking affirmations that will help you kick off the week with a mindset of success, with an option to renew..

You’ll learn about goal setting, creating a positive attitude by helping others, developing a clear vision for your future and much more – all in quick, easy-to-read and apply emails.

Each Weekly Email Contains:
Time-Tested Wisdom

You’ll start each week with a quotation from one of our world’s greatest minds and most successful writers, motivational speakers, and experts.

There will also be self-reflection exercises included with each weekly email to help reinforce what you’ve just read about, and ways to make sure the content “sticks” with you for greater benefit.


A Short & Focused Paragraph to
Help You Move Forward

You’ll be able to read the content of each email in the series in just a few minutes – no more wading through hundreds of words in an in-depth article or extended blog post, searching for that one or two sentences that could make all the difference.

In this series, it’s already distilled out for you – no fluff, no filler, just simple, honest truth – explaining each concept completely and clearly, so that you can see yourself achieving great results quickly.


Self-Reflection Questions to
Reinforce Your Learning

The content of each email will get you thinking – but once you start your busy day, what’s to keep you from forgetting what you’ve just read?

The Self-Reflection questions included with each week’s email will help you to spot non-productive patterns that are keeping you stuck or struggling and once called to you attention, you can figure out ways of moving past them – of discarding old habits that no longer serve you or your goals.

Now I know you’ve likely heard of or seen other motivational products – all of which promise great results with varying levels of effort. So how is Motivational Monday different?

Motivational Monday will be with you for an entire year – each Monday you’ll receive the latest installment in the series, targeted to helping you create a positive mindset and get motivated for your week ahead.

If you’re ready to start your week with a jumpstart instead of a whisper…

If you’re ready to start your week with a new sense of purpose…

And if you’re ready to see results as soon as next week, then pay attention because I’m ready to help you get what you want.

You won’t need a lot of money…
You won’t need a lot of time…
You just need to take that step.


Here’s Everything You’ll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Decide to Check Out 
the “Motivational Monday” Email Series…

  • Mindset – Time-tested wisdom from the world’s greatest minds and accomplished writers.
  • Motivation: Simple and powerful concepts explained in ordinary English – no esoteric or overly-complicated language clouding the information you need.
  • Reinforcement – Ensure you’ll remember what you’ve read and learned with focused and clear questions to help you get to the heart of the matter and resolve challenges.

 Get a 4-week trial today for

Take 4 weeks to enjoy the motivation, wisdom and guidance for less than the cost of lunch!

If you don’t make positive progress by reading and applying the information in the ‘Motivational Monday’ series within the next 4 weeks, I expect you to leave the series and not extend your subscription for the full year.

But I’m confident you’ll extend your subscription, you’ll implement the wisdom and guidance within the series, and you’ll send me a testimonial telling me how much more positive you’re feeling and thinking after reading and applying the information in the “Motivational Monday” series, and that you’ll be ready to invest in other courses and products which will empower you to take your new mindset and motivation to the next level.

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