My Philosophy for a New, Healthier Life is Evident in My Actions

My daily actions are a direct expression of my philosophy and my commitment to a new, healthier life. I am true to my goals and my commitments even in challenging situations. My daily actions support my goals to build a healthy, strong body and to lose the excess weight that is negatively affecting my life. I bring honor to myself because my actions reflect the values I hold dear.

Regardless of who is around me, I remain determined to stick to my nutrition and exercise plans that will move me forward. I am strong enough to overcome the temptation of returning to old, negative habits that do not support my goal of better health. Within me, I find the courage to stand up for myself and my desired results, even if I am standing alone.

In the midst of challenges or at times when it would be easier to give in to negative emotions, I keep my cool. I wait until I am calm to respond so my responses are well thought out and in alignment with my goals.

My actions support my goals because I devote time to daily self-reflection, becoming more aware of my habits (positive and negative).

Self-reflection allows me to identify areas where I have drifted away from the steps I know I must take to achieve my goals. When I make a mistake, I simply admit it and make the positive changes I need to get back on track.

With love and self-acceptance, I forgive myself as I re-direct my actions back toward my principles and my goals. As a member of the wonderful, though imperfect human family, I may mess up, but my values and goals are not about being perfect, they are about being consistent in working toward better health and a stronger body.

Today, I choose to take time to reflect on my daily behavior and reinforce my positive plans to achieve my health and weight loss goals. I identify the steps I need to take to achieve Success Beyond Surgery and periodically evaluate my performance by comparing my actions to my personal values and goals.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is my philosophy of life regarding my health and weight loss?
  2. Are my actions accurate expressions of those beliefs?
  3. How does self-reflection help me stay true to myself?