New Resource – WHOLE Self-Care Newsletter

New Resources - WHOLE Self-Care Newsletter, WHOLE Express blog to help women improve their health, and WeSpeakLoudly - a website dedicated to helping African-American women to create their own dynamic self-care practice.

Just came across a wonderful new resource – a website entitled WHOLE – Women Healing Ourselves with Loving Energy. The main reason I visited the site was an article entitled “Love Your Nappy Hair” – you may already know this, but I have “gone natural” after over 30 years of relaxing my hair. I now rock a curly afro and LOVE my hair’s natural texture. I still color those grays into submission, but that’s another story and another blog post LOL

WHOLE is a monthly self-care newsletter created especially with African American women in mind – now don’t let that bother you if you aren’t African American – and I found the articles informative, entertaining, and an easy read. WHOLE is the creation of Jacci Thompson-Dodd, who also runs a blog entitled WHOLE Express, which is about empowering African American women to improve their health. More than just telling you about different health topics, WHOLE Express gives you tools, tips, recipes, and conversation starters that inspire health-promoting action.

While I’ve just found Jacci’s websites, I know I’ll be returning again and again – the information I’ve found is wonderful, easily read and very valuable. I’m also becoming a fan of Ms. Thompson-Dodd, company WeSpeakLoudly, which is dedicated to promoting greater understanding of unique challenges Black women face in sustaining optimal health. The website provides information on creating your own dynamic self-care practice they call WHOLE–Women Healing Ourselves with Loving Energy