New Season – New Inspiration – New Body! Planning Your Wardrobe Update…

Shopping can be a Happy challenge - yes? Well, maybe not, if you're not sure of what your 'style' is, or how to express can sometimes be a source of stress and anxiety, and if you're at all like me and still getting used to that 'new' figure you see in the mirror, it can be doubly challenging...

We’re approaching Fall rapidly – here in Connecticut, the schools are back in business and students are up and at ’em early in the morning. The fashion magazines are packed with lots of new clothes, new inspiration, and new things to spark your interest for the season.

Take a look around you for inspiration – if this is your first cool season in your new body (like it is for me after significant weight loss) then you’ll be not only looking to update your wardrobe, but probably replacing a lot of garments that no longer fit you. There are lots of great colors, shapes and styles of clothing from jackets and sweaters to new denim ‘jeggings’, skinny jeans, cargo and utility pants, fitted jackets, and even a new jacket made of a ‘sweatshirt’ style fabric to pair with jeans. Accessories are bolder and more beautiful than ever, with lots of bright colors and different materials combined for a unique effect. So what will you be buying this season to update / revamp your wardrobe? Does the very idea of shopping give you the heebie-jeebies?

Shopping can be a Happy challenge – yes? Well, maybe not, if you’re not sure of what your ‘style’ is, or how to express it…shopping can sometimes be a source of stress and anxiety, and if you’re at all like me and still getting used to that ‘new’ figure you see in the mirror, it can be doubly challenging.

One recommendation (and link) I’ll share is for a website called My Shape. I originally found them via an email, and once I got on the site, I discovered their wonderful process. Once you become a member of the site, you are encouraged to input your measurements so that they can help determine your body shape and provide you with listings of clothing that will flatter that shape.

Inputting your measurements – height, the usual bust, waist, hips, plus various circumferences, hip height measurements, arm length and much more – then helps the site determine your body shape. As your measurements change through exercise, weight loss or both, you can return to the site and enter new measurements. I started out as a Shape M – proportioned shoulders, bust and hip, with a softly defined waist and a strong, straight shoulder line. Through my weight loss and workouts, now I’m a Shape Y – broad shoulders, with proportionately narrower waist and hips.

The other body types and their significant aspects are:

  • Shape S – proportioned bust and hips; slim, defined waist; soft rounded shoulder line; curves from every angle;
  • Shape H – proportioned bust and hips; subtle waist curve; tends to look slim from the side;
  • Shape A – proportionately narrower shoulders and bust; proportionately broader hips; tiny waist;
  • Shape P – ample bust, proportionately smaller hips and shoulders; often a less rounded bottom;
  • Shape E – proportioned shoulders and hips; undefined waist; full tummy; long, tapered legs **Note – this is where I was prior to weight-loss surgery, when I joined the site, I was already well into my journey and my shape had already changed.

Once I discovered my body shape / type, it made shopping much easier. Even if you don’t buy everything you wear from the website, the hints and tips they provide on finding the right clothes for your shape are very valuable. The page to input your measurements can be found easily here, and an explanation of each body shape can be found here.

I love this quote from their website:

There is no such thing as a best shape! No one shape is better than another, because this isn’t a popularity contest. –

That fits in perfectly with the Love Your Reflection philosophy, and I encourage you to visit the site and see all that they have to offer. The number of measurements you take to determine your shape is extensive, but the amount of time and money you will save by not buying and returning endless numbers of garments that just don’t quite make it in your wardrobe plan will more than offset the time you put into the process.

Once you’ve got a basic body shape to work from, it will make wardrobe creation and planning a bit easier. For additional help with planning your wardrobe, check out these posts:

Take some time to plan out your wardrobe update BEFORE starting to shop, and you will save yourself so much time and aggravation, and be much happier with the end result.


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    Dianne (LYR Admin)

    Hi Ashley,
    Thanks so much – I agree with you that the size number in our clothing (especially women’s clothing) is not enough to describe us! If we could get women’s clothing manufacturers to use a CONSISTENT sizing scheme, that would be a great first step, and then to understand that we are NOT all built alike, shopping would be so much LESS stressful for women as a whole.

    Thanks for your comment!

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    dIANNE (lyr aDMIN)

    Hi Classy Career Girl – thanks for the congratulations – it’s been a challenge, but so worth it! Sometimes the displays in the store attract us and we find ourselves buying in the ‘heat of the moment’. If you use a smartphone, keep a list (or use an iPhone app) to keep track of your wardrobe and what items you are looking for to round out a capsule wardrobe or a collection, and then you’ll have the info right at your fingertips when shopping!

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