Are You A Peacemaker?

Peacemakers are people who seek to contribute to and help to create a peaceful world. Peace is a universally accepted concept – it is hard to find anyone who does not like the idea of peace, or have a definition of it.

Peace can have a purely external meaning – that life itself is peaceful with little conflict, anger or upheaval. There are no raised voices, no arguments, and all is well. Some might consider this the ultimate lifestyle, while to other it simply sound boring. Life has conflict – and all conflict is not necessarily bad. We can have internal conflict when trying to choose between two options or two courses of action, both ultimately beneficial to us. I can handle that kind of conflict.

Peace can also mean an environment where you look past any physical or cultural differences you have with those around you. A friend was recently admitted to the hospital, and had to share a room with a woman from a different faith background. They respected each others’ traditions and prayers, and there was peace in their hospital room.

There is also the much broader concept of World Peace – engaging in action, speech and thought that encourages us to look past geographical differences and see that everything and everyone is divinely created. Imagine if everyone saw themselves and the people around them as being part of a love, compassion and strength-filled world.

When you appreciate peace and think of peace, you begin to act in peaceful ways. Not only toward those around you, but toward yourself as well. Applying the principles of peace to your own situations, your thought processes and your actions toward yourself can help you move into a place of higher self-esteem, self-confidence and encourage you to move ever closer toward loving who and what you see in the mirror every single day.

To Love Your Reflection is to express Peace in your heart for who you have been, who you are, and who you are becoming. Make a commitment to bring harmony to your mind, your emotions and your home. Once you have achieved Peace, you can begin to spread it beyond your immediate circle and the peaceful intentions will flow from you into the world like ripples from a stone thrown into a pond.

We are all members of a universal family. Through prayer, meditation, right thoughts and loving actions, we can reach out to others, even those far beyond our physical location. We can think, speak and act in ways that support a peaceful and prosperous life for all.