Preparing for the New Year – Your Total Image

GM Friends!
Today is the first day of Kwanzaa – a week-long period of preparation for the new year – including seven principles that can be applied across every area of your life. Because my focus as The DivaStyle Coach is on the mind, body and spirit, I’m going to take a little creative license with the principle and focus on Unity within oneself – especially as it relates to your Image.

The principle of Unity is important to our Total Image – Visual, Vocal and Verbal. Today, I want you to think about what your image says about you; what you say to yourself, and how that can affect your interactions with others. If you’re anything like me and you’ve been working on improving your physical strength and health during 2012, you’ve made some progress. Perhaps not as much as you’d like, but progress just the same.

What are you doing to show off that progress – addressing the Visual aspect of your Image? If you’re not celebrating the changes you’ve made in your body – by getting those shapeless clothes out of your closet, by letting go of garments that no longer fit perfectly or whose colors have faded over time, what message are you sending to yourself? To the world? In order to create your most Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious self – to Unleash Your Inner Diva – you have to start with the Visual.

Take some time now – TODAY – to check out your wardrobe and select some items that no longer serve you. Clearing old garments from your closet can not only provide you with literal “room for improvement’, it can also help to clear your mind and your psyche of labels you put on yourself. You’ve heard me say over and over that if you put on a garment that doesn’t make you smile at yourself in the mirror because you look THAT GOOD in it, it’s time for that garment (or garments!) to be removed from your closet. None of us have unlimited budgets or unlimited room for clothing – at least I don’t – so clearing those items that do not contribute to unifying your image inside and out gives you room to stretch out and add some that DO.

Next, let’s talk about the Vocal aspect of your Image. Do your words – how you speak about yourself TO yourself and to others – reflect a new sense of confidence and self-assurance? Do you still speak negatively about yourself TO yourself and others? Don’t downplay your accomplishments and your progress at any time in any way to anyone! You are making progress – Baby steps forward are STILL steps forward – and as long as you are striving each day to be a better YOU than the day before, you are making positive steps and should celebrate that. No amount of encouragement is too little – and you should be practicing self-affirmation on a daily basis.

Finally, what about the Verbal aspect of your Image. Do you project confidence in your speech? How you express yourself – your tone of voice, the cadence (speed and rhythm) of your speech, the way you ask questions and make statements – all have an effect on your Image and your sense of self. If your normal tone of voice is soft – either in tone or in volume – practice speaking with authority. Raise the volume a little and see what a difference it can make. Try lowering your pitch just a little and examine how that feels as well. If you’re normally a very fast speaker, you may give the impression that you’re nervous or unsure of your statements – try intentionally slowing down the speed of your speech and see what a difference that can make.

Unifying all the aspects of your Image – Visual, Vocal and Verbal – is a great way to show off your internal and external transformation. Don’t hesitate to walk into your power and your new strength – and preparing NOW to do that in 2013 is one of the best ways to spend your time as we bring 2012 to a close.