Product Review: Entwine's Natural Coiffure Collezioni

I've had the great fortune to be chosen as one of the Beauty Ambassadors of Dawn Yerger's Nappturalite Radio, and I was given the opportunity to review products from Entwine's Naturalle Coiffure Collezioni.

I’ve had the great fortune to be chosen as one of the Beauty Ambassadors of Dawn Yerger’s Nappturalite Radio, and I was given the opportunity to review products from Entwine’s Naturalle Coiffure Collezioni. The products are packaged beautifully in a stylish black jar with magenta/silver/grey and white graphics and lettering. A very attractive package and one you wouldn’t mind leaving out on your counter – they are simply gorgeous.

The first product in the package was the Exotique Butter-Creme Hydrator – and anyone who is wearing their hair in it’s natural kinky/curly state knows how important moisture and hydration are to keeping your hair healthy. My hair tends to be quite dry, so I used the Hydrator in multiple ways – it was, by far, my favorite product in the line. Upon opening the jar, you notice right away the clean and fresh smell – not overpowering or heavy. The jar promises that the product will ‘Soften – Moisturize – Shine Dramatically’ and it did exactly as promised. I use this product daily – I wear my hair in a medium-length afro. As you can see from the photo below, I had great results from the Entwine Exotique Butter-Creme Hydrator.

Great results possible with Entwine products

The next product I had the opportunity to try was the Creme Jelle Styler – it promised ‘Pliable Hold – Definition – Curl Elongation’ and delivered beautifully. Normally after washing my hair, I put a slightly heavier conditioner on it and then a sleep cap – my hair is extremely thick and takes most of the night to dry. When I’ve done this with my regular products, it takes some manipulation in the morning to get the nice round afro shape back, because I’ve crushed it during the night’s sleep.

With the Creme Jelle Styler, however, I didn’t have that challenge – I simply combed it through my hair, covered it as normal and went to bed. In the morning I noticed wonderful softness in addition to the curl definition. The scent of this product is a little different from the Hydrator, but still light enough that it won’t compete with any fragrance you choose to wear.

My husband – one of my biggest natural hair advocates – told me how good my hair smelled that morning and how soft it was – in fact, I could barely keep his hands out of my hair long enough to finish fluffing it!

With all the heat and humidity we’ve had in Connecticut, I was curious to see if the results would last – normally my hair really absorbs moisture from the air and it plays havoc with my more defined styles – but in this case, I got a much longer life to my hairstyle. On the second day, I did not need to re-wet my hair and re-style it – I simply squirted a few drops of the next product, the Argan Oil, into my palms and ran my fingers through my hair. It was still very soft and tangle-free.

The Argan Oil absorbed quickly – both into my hands (I have dry skin) and my hair. There was a nice sheen, but not an oily look. My hands felt great as well – and I recieved compliments on how healthy my hair looked. I also used the Argan Oil on my legs and feet because, well, it’s sandal season, and I want to look my best. I grew up in the days when Mom made us put Vaseline on our legs, so this is a pleasant change from that very shiny look!

The final product is the Creme De La Mold, which promises ‘Strong Hold – Maximum Control – Longer Lasting Styles’. Since I primarily wear my hair loose, I wasn’t sure quite what to do with this product, but gave it a try on a twist-out. I started with freshly shampooed hair, just towel-dried, but had some challenges with getting the product to absorb into my hair – it mostly sat on top, and the consistency – almost like a pomade – was tougher for me to work with. I felt I was having to work too hard to get the product into my hair and perhaps used too much. The resulting twists were okay, but not overwhelmingly good. Again – some of this perception may be due to the fact that I don’t wear my hair twisted up very often.

I loved the scent of all of the products and the Hydrator and Argan Oil are my two favorites. Many thanks to Dawn Yerger and Nappturalite Radio for allowing me the pleasure of testing these products, and I wish the team at Entwine all success in the future.


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    Dianne (LYR Admin)

    Thanks, Dawn – I was honored to be a part of Nappturalite Radio’s Product Review Team and hope to do it again. Your show provides great information for us nappturals and I try never to miss a show. Thanks for all YOU and the team do to keep us looking great and loving our Naptural hair!

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    Charley Petrson

    Thanks for sharing this. We’re always looking for valuable content to share with clients and contractors, and this post is certainly worth sharing!

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    Dawn yerger

    Awesome review, Dianne! Entwine’s products give great moisture and curl definition. I believe we’ll be hearing more and more about them in the near future!

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