Pulling Your Fashion Act Together

Dear Reader,

You’re an intelligent, funny woman with a fabulous personality – but…

Does the ability to check out the newest fashion trends and adopt them into your own closet and style preferences seem beyond you? You CAN evaluate the latest trends and styles with a discerning eye and help you pull together just the right look that speaks to not only your personality, but supports the image development plan you’ve put together – here’s how!

Your personal style – literally from nose to toes and including everything from your shoes and stockings to the jewelry you wear and the hat on your head (if you’re a hat wearer) speaks volumes about who you are – don’t let the latest trends cause you to purchase items that are outside of your personality preferences and best color combinations – trends are absolutely going to come and go!

The key to putting together a great outfit – and by association a great image – is a bit risky, but it’s also simple. The rules of thumb? 

Balance, “less is more” and authenticity.

Choose one “wow” item – a real showstopper than amps up your energy and your confidence, and authentically represents the “real you,” and build around it. For example, if you have an absolutely fabulous piece of jewelry that you must show off (and this does not mean necessarily that it’s “blinged out”, try wearing it with a simple black dress, or a black jacket and top. Black flatters just about all figures without overwhelming the look of your jewelry, and can form a great foil for that special piece. If black is not one of your Core Colors, choose a color that harmonizes with the colors in your jewelry – just make sure it’s one that you want near your face. If you’re at a loss to pick just the right color, white or ivory – especially near your face – are great colors to work with.

Want to show off your new elaborately stitched jeans? A solid shirt paired with heels works well with decorated jeans. If the design on the jeans is too busy the shirt will tone it down some. With this kind of look (best for weekend, party or casual wear), remember that the embellishment on the jeans is the primary attention getter. Any other accessories can be relatively toned down so that you don’t have too many focal points.

How about those new bright pink pumps? You can’t go wrong by complimenting the shoes with a pair of solid black pants or a skirt and a crisp white shirt. Black and solid bright or jewel-tone colors matches well together. If you want to take the focus off of your feet, plan to wear a skin-tone stocking or knee-high to lower the contrast slightly. If you’re wearing pants and want to show off the pumps, try an ankle-length cropped pant. Repeat the bright color of the pumps in your jewelry to help harmonize the entire outfit and help it look intentional. For a bit of whimsy, choose a related (but different) bright color for your handbag to bring another level of interest.

And what about those gold sequined flats that you just couldn’t pass up? Cropped pants in a business-right fabric, combined with a simple shirt are ideal compliments for your golden feet, and could be worn to most workplaces on a Casual Friday. Those same flats could do wonders for a simple outfit on the weekend, or for going out dancing with friends at night. Be careful not to overdo the sequins, though – leave the similarly sequined top for the nighttime forays.

The key is to pick one item – in a special color, a wonderful fit, or with standout ornamentation – and build around it. Don’t just stick with one look – switch up the appeal from glamorous one day to urban or understated the next.

Take the time to educate yourself on different styles and what they look like on YOUR body – the one you have right now! There’s no reason why you can’t also draw inspiration from your favorite looks of past eras – just remember to choose role models that have similar physical features (height, figure proportion) for best results.

Fashion is about self-confidence – YOUR self-confidence. If you feel great in an outfit, others will feel your vibe and enjoy your positive results. If you’re stretching out and trying something new, feel free to “fake it until you make it.” Only by trying some new things will you continue to grow and develop into your own unique and authentic fashion personality. Whether you are 18 or 81 take pride in your appearance and do everything within your power to feel comfortable and attractive with your style choices.