Staying Focused on Losing Weight

What is the hardest thing you have ever tried to do? If you ask 100 people from different walks of life, I’d bet the majority of them would include losing weight in their answers.

Losing weight, for most of us, has been challenging because we all want to shed the extra pounds YESTERDAY…in time for Sally’s wedding or a summer beach trip. Even though it took a period of time to put on the weight, somehow we want it to magically disappear instantly – and sometimes, reading the success stories of other weight loss surgery patients reinforces the idea that it’s going to come off quickly. The reality is that losing weight takes time for everyone – no matter what surgery you’ve undergone. You’re not alone – not by a long stretch!

Unfortunately, weight doesn’t just fall off our bodies – weight loss surgery doesn’t change that! That’s why many of us will find it difficult to stay focused on our weight loss goals. Realizing that it can take months, or even years to reach our goal weight and create that stronger, healthier body can be daunting. Fortunately, there’s a solution and it all begins with a positive mindset.

Weight Loss Affirmations and their Effect on You

The problem that many of us have is that when the weight doesn’t disappear right away – immediately after returning home from the hospital – we start to get frustrated or discouraged. Many lap band surgery patients have experienced “Bandster Hell” – that period during your recovery from surgery where you HAVE a band, but there’s no fluid in it, and no ‘restriction’, and very little if any weight loss. This could cause anyone to give into temptation. Any weight loss surgery patient could have the same feelings and experiences. The recovery period from surgery is a time when you’ll not necessarily lose a LOT of weight, and after working to qualify for the surgery, conquering the pre-surgery diet, and actually undergoing surgery, we want results NOW. We have all had those, “This isn’t going to work so I might as well just eat” thoughts that set us back when we are just getting started on our journey to a new, healthy life after weight loss surgery.

Instead of allowing these thoughts to plant that negative seed in your mind, you can use affirmations to positively react to, and overcome, negative thoughts. Affirmations can serve as a reminder of your goal and help keep you motivated. Weight loss affirmations can help you stick to your nutrition plan and shed those extra pounds by encouraging you to stay focused – even at times when you are struggling or when you’re feeling disappointed at your rate of weight loss.


Defeating those Self-Defeating Thoughts

We have all heard that self-control is all you need to lose weight. We also know that is not true for a majority of people – after all, if self-control was the answer for EVERYONE, no one would be overweight! Many of us have tried multiple weight loss methods – extreme eating plans, extreme exercise – it’s just not a function of self-control by itself! We’ve all experienced times when our goal of losing weight required more work or time than we expected, and at those times it’s easy to get discouraged and give in. The problem is that when we get frustrated or impatient, we lose sight of why we initially started on the journey. If you start to feel like you want to give up or give in to the  temptation of a forbidden food, you can pull up your list of affirmations and use them to combat the self-defeating thoughts and attitudes.

When you feel like you want to quit and bury a spoon in a pint of ice cream and just say “Forget it!” you can tell yourself, for example, “If I stumble, it’s okay! I have already made the conscious, positive decision that I will not revert to old, unhealthy habits.”  When you say this out loud, you are taking power back from the negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. Taking back your power over those old, negative thoughts and habits is a key step in re-establishing control over your negative actions. Besides, you’re human – we sometimes stumble along the way to our goals; keep on fighting the battle and you’ll find that overcoming those obstacles will make your victory even sweeter!

When you use weight loss affirmations consistently, you will start to truly realize the power of words – and specifically YOUR words about yourself!  Affirmations help you to replace negative thoughts and emotions so you can combat the cravings and deal with frustrations and pain directly without resorting to negative actions, which often involve food that is NOT part of your plan for a stronger and healthier you!

The greatest thing about affirmations is that they can be used any time of the day or night. After all, they will become embedded into your subconscious! The more you speak them out loud – in a voice loud enough for you to hear, but not necessarily yelling – the more your behavior and decisions will change for the better, and the more power you will have over self-defeating thoughts.