Thriving through Self-Acceptance

When you accept yourself – with all of your flaws and unique talents –  the world seems to become a more accommodating place. You’ll find that some of the causes of your stress disappear and you can gain more joy – dare I say thrive? – on a daily basis by learning to accept yourself.

Positive Change is Healthier than Staying Stuck in the Same Routine

Just as I am confident that every day the sun will rise and set in its regular routine, I am confident that each new dawn brings tremendous possibilities for positive change. In nature, no single day is exactly like the day before.

In the same way, when my life seems to slip into an old, familiar routine, I realize the potential is there for me to experience positive change whenever I desire.

It is healthy for my mind and spirit to experience and initiate changes in my every day routines. Change keeps my mind sharp and my spirit engaged and energized. While I may be required to complete the same tasks day after day, I can still remain open to accomplishing them in different ways so I can avoid getting stuck in a rut.