Getting a Fresh Start? Maximize the Opportunity!

We all get off track…with our eating and nutrition plans, exercise plans, career plans, you name it! One of the keys to maximizing your opportunities is to make the most of a fresh start. Whatever you’re challenged by, sometimes getting a fresh start is the way to correct your path and make positive progress. 

Fresh starts take place in your life every single day. If there’s something you’re doing for the first time, you can view that a fresh start. The term “fresh start” has a warm, exciting sound to it, but sometimes, the reality is that something new isn’t always something you look forward to…especially when it follows what you might percieve as a failure!

11 Tips for Erasing Bad Habits

Achieving Success Beyond Surgery can be tougher than it has to be if you continually give in to your old, bad habits. They are, in fact, part of what put you where you are today! Bad habits have a profoundly negative effect on your life, and we know we need to change them, right?

But habits can be challenging to change since they aren’t ordinarily based on thoughtful choices…that makes it difficult to use logic to change your behavior. Conquering (and eliminating) bad habits requires a multi-faceted approach.

Don't Stoop to Anyone's Level…

I came across these words of wisdom while surfing the web this morning and had to share:

Don’t stoop to anyone’s level
just because they can’t rise to yours.

No matter WHERE you are in your weight loss surgery experience – pre-surgery, recovery, or post-surgery, don’t let anyone make you feel “less than” for getting help. Don’t let anyone – even and especially those you love and care for – hold you back from getting the results you deserve!

You deserve a healthier, stronger body AND mind – and taking charge of your health is just the first step. Imagine how much stronger you’ll be in a day, a week, a month, a year of really focusing on doing the right things for your body and mind.

If you are pre-surgery and working with your doctor, keep going! Everything that you are doing now – changing your eating habits, undergoing medical tests, consulting with health care professionals – gets you one step closer to your goal. Keep track of your timelines – if you have questions about your progress and what you need to do next, make that phone call and ask those questions. Medical professionals are often overwhelmed with the sheer volume of things that need to be done and the number of patients they are responsible for. Be that “squeaky wheel” in a positive way – stay in touch often, make sure to ask “What’s my next step?” and then take notes and take action! During my pre-surgery preparation period, I stayed in touch with the medical team on nearly a daily basis – always courteous and polite, always asking what my next step was and when I could check back with them.

If you are pre-surgery and not yet working with a doctor – figure out what’s holding you back! Have you attended a live information session at a medical center near you? Why not? Find out when the next session is and BLOCK OUT that time on your calendar. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from getting the information you need to make an informed decision about YOUR health. Get all the information you need in the form YOU need it – audio, printed materials, video, live visits with your doctor – whatever you need.